Cycle History

Here is a rundown of all the cycles I have done and all of my protocols:

11/09-Ectopic Pregnancy-spontaneous pregnancy

2/18/10-Initial Consultation to start IUI
Baseline U/S, Chromosome Testing, Reproductive Thromb. Panel,
Comp14, RPR, and Baseline Hormone Bloods

2/22/10-Unexpected pregnancy (natural) monitored by CNY
Crinone Vaginal Suppositories, Lovenox, Baby ASA, IvIg
Transfusions, HCG-96.3, Prog-25.8
2/26-HCG-303.2 Prog-29.7
3/1-u/s showed sac HCG-4793.6 Prog-24.4
3/9-u/s showed fetal pole
3/22-u/s showed no HB

Follistim 75iu, Lupron 5/units, Ovidrel, Baby ASA, Lovenox,
Crinone and Prometrium after trigger, IvIg Transfusions
6/11-Trigger shot with 4 lead follicles

Follistim 150iu, Lupron 5/units, Ovidrel, Baby ASA, Lovenox, Crinone
and Prometrium after trigger, IvIg Infusions
7/5-Trigger shot with 6 lead follicles
7/20-BFP!! HCG-148.2, Prog-12.4 Started on HCG shots every third day
7/22-HCG-470.1, Prog-14.1
7/28-HCG 5916.1, Prog-13.5
7/31-u/s showed 1 sac HCG-14698.4, Prog->40
8/11-HR-75.7 HCG-79084.4
8/13-u/s showed no heartbeat
8/17-Gross Hematuria
8/19-Emergency Bladder surgery and urinary catheter placed
9/24-Catheter removed

Follistim 150iu, Lupron 5/units, Ovidrel, Baby ASA, Lovenox, Crinone
and Prometrium after trigger, IvIg Infusions, Dexamethasone, ZMax
10/22-Trigger shot with 7 lead follicles and 6 smaller ones

11/10-start BCP
11/24-start 10 units of Lupron
12/2-start 150iu Follistim, 150iu Menopur, 5/units Lupron, Baby
ASA, Dexamethasone, ZMax
12/6-E2-74, Lining-3.15, 3 Follicles Menopur and Follistim upped to
225iu each
12/8-E2-280, Lining-4.29, 4 Follicles
12/10-E2-704, Lining-5.55 Left-17.26, 15.21, 11.9, 10.12,
Right-14.56 IvIg Transfusion
12/13-E2-2447, Lining-6.15 Left-20.82, 20.21, 16.18, 15.84, 15.46,
15 Right-23.12, 16.05, 14.67 Trigger Shot (Novarel)
12/15-ER 7 eggs retrieved 12/16-5 mature eggs, 4 fertilized, Start Estrace
2mg, Crinone 1xday, PIO shot nightly, Lovenox
12/18-ET 4 Day3 Embryos 2-8 cell, 1-6 cell, 1-4 cell
12/29-BFP HCG-57.3, Prog-32.8 Start HCG shot every third day
12/31-HCG-200.3, Prog-37.3
1/3-HCG-143.4, Prog-24.3
1/5-HCG-142.2, Prog-15.9
1/7-HCG-258, Prog-6.4
3/16-D&C and Methotrexate due to HCG Plateau

IVF #2
5/31-start 225Follistim, 225 Menopur (3 vials), 5/units lupron, Dexamethasone, ZMax, vaginal Viagra, and Baby ASA
6/3-E2-54, Lining-4.33, Right-3 follicles, Left-too many to count-still too small to measure. Up Follistim to 300 and Menopur to 300 (4 vials) Heavy Bleeding-hoping as E2 increases that it will stop
6/6-E2-223, Lining-undetermined, Right-4 follicles, Left-6 or so but too small to be sure. Continue with 300 Follistim, 300 Menopur, and 5 /units Lupron. Continue with vaginal Viagra 4xday
6/8-E2-771, Lining-6.16, Right-6 follicles, Left-6 follicles. Continue will all meds
6/10-E2-1678, Lining-6.4, Didn't count follicle today, just measured
6/13-E2-4414, Lining-7.6 or 8.2 (couldn't tell), Total of 10 or so Follicles. Trigger at 8:30pm
6/15-ER-17 retrieved!!
6/16-Fertilization Report-1 immature, 2 degenerated. Injected 14, 12 fertilized. Start Crinone, Estrace, POI Shots, and Lovenox
6/18- 13 now fertilized 2-3 cell, 1-4, 2-5 (mod. frag), 4-6 (2 with mod frag), 1-7, 1-8, and 2-9. We decided to biopsy everything 5 cells and over
6/20-Out of 13 11 ended up biopsied as 1-4 cell made it to a 5. Out of the 11 biopsied only 2 were chromosomally normal. Only had 5 make it to day 5 and 1 was normal. Transferred 1 Grade 2 Morula
6/24-4dp5dt-BFN on Clearblue Easy and FRER
6/25-5dp5dt-BFN FRER
6/26-6dp5dt-BFN FRER (cervix seems to be softening and seems a bit lower today)
6/29-9dp5dt- HCG-7.8, P4-17
7/1-11dp5dt- HCG-13.4, P4-29
7/5-15dp5dt-HCG-110.6, P4-24.9 (starting to bleed)
7/7-17dp5dt-HCG-50.8, P4-35.8
7/14-Start BCP
7/20-Start 10 units Lupron
7/23-Last BCP
7/27-Baselines- FSH-5.7, E2-30, P4-0.9, LH-2.7. Start 125mcg Ganirelix and 4mg Estradiol Valerate IM
8/8- E2-313, Lining-5.77
8/10-E2-638, Lining-4.56 Right-4-5 follicles 11-12mm range Left-approx 7 or 8 follicles
8/12-E2-784, Lining-5.81 Right-5-6 follicles 13-15mm Left-8-10 follicles
8/15-E2-1570, Lining-6.22 Right 6 or so follicles Right-stopped counting at 10. Trigger at 8pm with Novarel
8/17- ER 13 eggs retrieved
8/18-Fertilization Report 4 were immature and 8 of the 9 fertilized
8/19-ET of 8 embryos
8/28-HPT BFN
8/29-HPT BFN
8/30-HPT BFN
8/31- Beta <.05, P4-10.4

IUI#4 Converted To IVF#4
9/6-Baselines- FSH-0.6, E2-53, P4-1.2, LH-0.38, Lining-3.48. Start Femara 5mg tonight and continue until 9/10. On 9/11 start 150 Follistim.
9/12-E2-36 increase Follistim to 200
9/14-E2-26 Lining-5.57 No follicle growth. Increase Follistim to 450
9/16-E2-25 Lining-4.67 No follicle growth. Increase Follistim to 600
9/19-E2-62 Lining-5.58 Minimal follicle growth
9/21-E2-176 Lining-5.91 Follicle measuring between 10mm and 12mm. 5 or so on Right. 6 or so on Left.
9/22-Start 250 Ganirelix. Be prepared for dropping or slow rising E2 levels
9/23-E2-543 Lining-6.62 Follicles measuring between 11mm and 15mm
9/26-E2-1141 Lining-7.6 Follicles measuring between 14mm and 20mm
9/27- Trigger at 9pm with Novarel
9/29-ER-10 eggs
9/30-Fertilization Report 6 of the 10 were immature. Remaining 4 fertilized. Start PIO injection, Lovenox, Estrace, and Crinone.
10/1-ET of 4 embryos, 2-2 cell, 1-3cell, and 1-4 cell. All near perfect quality

11/21-Baselines-FSH-2.2, E2-<20, P4-0.6, LH-0.67, Lining-3.48. Start Lupron 10 units twice a day for three days due to FSH/LH being so low. Also start Lovenox, Dexamethasone, and baby aspirin and continue with Melatonin, Vitamin E, Maxi Greens, Metformin and DHEA.
11/23-Repeat Baselines-FSH-5.7, LH-4.39, Lining-4.14.
11/24-Reduce Lupron to 5 units and start 300iu Follistim and 300iu Menopur. Start vaginal Viagra 50mg 2xday.
11/28-E2-516, Lining-5.96 Multiple follicles on both sides measuring between 10 and 11mm.
11/29-Uterine wash using 300mcg Neupogen
11/30-E2-1235, Lining-7.7. Multiple follicles all measuring between 11.5 and  14.5mm
12/1-Uterine wash using 300mcg Neupogen
12/2-E2-2373, Lining-7.74, Follicles all between 14 and 18mm
12/3-E2-4450, Lining-8.4, Follicles all between 16 and 22mm
12/4-Trigger using Ovidrel and 150iu of Follisitm
12/6-ER-27 eggs!! Started on Synthroid due to spike in TSH-2.4 to 3.7.
12/7-Fertilization Report-2 immature, 1 degenerated, 24 injected using ICSI. 23 fertilized. Started 0.5mg Dostinex for OHSS also Anti-XA level came in at 0.25 so Lovenox was increased to 40mg from 30mg
12/10-Transfer of 3 perfect Day 4 morulas
12/12-6 "snowbabies" 4 Expanded Blasts; 4AA, 4AA, 4AB, 4BB. 2 Early blasts; 2AA, 2BB.
12/17-(7dp4dt) HCG-78.9
12/19-(9dp4dt) HCG-165.2
12/21-(11dp4dt) HCG-279.0
12/23-(13dp4dt) HCG-401.6
12/26-4w6d HCG-1466.1 Small sac seen on ultrasound.
12/30-5w3d Gestational sac with yolk sac.
1/6-6w3d TWO babies both with heartbeats
1/12-7w2d Baby A heart rate of 127 Baby B heart rate less than 90 and measuring a week behind
1/14-7w4d Baby A hear rate of 132 Baby B heart stopped
1/17-8w0d Heart rate of 153
1/20-8w3d Heart rate of 163. Released to OB
4/19-Taken out of work for a shortening cervix
4/29-Preterm labor. Tx to the medical center. Given Magnesium and Indocin.
6/14-Amniotic fluid leak.
7/13-Pitocin Stress Test due to failed BPP and borderline NST
8/22-Giovanni Luca was born 6lbs 120z. and 19 inches long.