Saturday, June 8, 2013

Officially a TAC Sister!

Last Sunday night, June 2nd, I left my husband and Giovanni for the first time ever and boarded the plane, Chicago bound. I landed shortly before 7pm and made my way to my hotel which was close to the airport. Once I got settled in, I walked across the parking lot to a TGIFridays and had my last supper.

4am came very quickly. I wanted to give myself enough time to shower and catch a cab as I had to be at the hospital by 5:45. Even though my taxi driver drove similar to the one in Rush Hour 3, I made it to the hospital alive, and more importantly, on time.

The lobby creeped me out a bit as it looked like something from a Sci-fi movie. It was like I was waiting to have an alien heart transplanted into my body. Nice, but not what I am used to.

About twenty minutes after I checked in, the greeter (yes greeter) came to bring me to the surgical waiting area. They asked me a bunch of questions, got my IV started, and got me prepped. Dr. Haney than appeared from behind the curtain. I don't know why but it was almost like a Wizard of Oz moment. I have heard so much about him that I almost idolized him. It was almost like a celebrity meet and greet.

He must have spent a good twenty minutes going over everything with me. He even told me that with my history, he was going to put in a double TAC so that my cervix would be bionic. He shook my hand and away he went. We were on our way to the OR.

I don't remember too much after that except for the fact that I yelled at the Anesthesiologist as I thought that she jipped me on the Vercid. She didn't. I was out.

I vaguely remember riding in an elevator but the first real thing I remember is that they were asking me to help them transfer me to my hospital bed in my room. I know that I was yelling at them that I was in too much pain and that when they introduced to me to the button that controlled my pain meds. Dr. Haney had ordered a PAC for me. Yay! I starting pushing it and is started alarming. That is when they told me that the button could only be pushed once every 8 minutes. Ugh! For the next 24 hours I was in and out of a drugged induced coma. They brought me something to eat but I quickly requested Reglan for nausea as just the sight of food made me want to throw up. The one good thing is that there is nothing but private rooms in this hospital so no one had to put up with me.

By Tuesday morning I was a bit more with it as they removed the Foley catheter and took away my PAC at 4am. They were supplementing me with Vicodin and Benedryl, as apparently I was breaking out in hives from them, so I was still VERY groggy but able to function...somewhat. I made the conscious decision to refuse all pain meds after 10pm that night as I knew that I had to be alert enough to navigate the airport that next afternoon. I was not a happy camper.

Wednesday around 10am I left the hospital, went for another taxi ride from hell, and proceeded to the airport. Dr. Haney suggested that I arrange for wheelchair services for the way home, so I did. Let me just say that it was the most embarrassing experience in my life. To start, they herd all the "disabled" folks to a clearly marked designated area for us...similar to a bull pen. It was full of people just sitting in wheelchairs, waiting for attendants to push them to their designated gates. The one good thing is that I got right through security without any problem. Once I got the gate, I sat in my wheelchair and popped a pain pill.

I was so happy once we landed back home. I was the last one off the plane as they had to get a wheelchair for me so the anticipation of seeing my husband and son was killing me.

This is what was waiting for me. I was so glad to be home.

The past few days have been rough. My abdomen is so distended that I can't wear any pants without an elastic waistband. Even though I am still in a lot of pain, I haven't been taking any pain meds during the day as I don't want to ignore Giovanni or my husband. I know that my husband would understand, but Giovanni would not. My husband has been awesome as he has been doing all of the physical work around the house, taking care of Giovanni's needs, and taking care of my needs. He really is the best.

Right now I am aiming to go back to work on the 17th. Dr. Haney said that I was being ambitious but we will see. The incision is pretty much that of a c-section and normally it takes 8 weeks to recover...and I am shooting for 2. We shall see I guess.


  1. I am so glad that the surgery went well. I hope you continue to heal quickly!

  2. Now THAT is a welcome sight to come home to!! So cute!!

  3. I missed this somehow - congrats on your bionic cervix!! Very exciting, and I felt the same way about meeting Dr. Haney. :) How are you feeling now a couple months out?