Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Baby Items That I Can't Live Without

A while back I put together a post with the top 10 baby items that I thought would be necessary. While the majority of them are fabulous, I thought that I would do an updated version to reflect the items that I found most helpful and absolutely impossible to live without.

1. Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair
Yes, this was a TOTAL splurge on my part ($550) but it is an amazing little high chair. It is the only high chair that extends up to counter height, and given that our table is at counter height, this was a must. The other great thing about this chair is that we have been able to use it since day one. For a newborn, the chair reclines completely back into a "nest" and obviously the tray and foot rest are removed. For a baby the size of Giovanni, there is an insert that keeps his little body in position so that he can sit and have his two solid meals a day. It is also great as we can remove the tray and recline him back so he can have his bottle. Once he outgrows the insert, the high chair will be configured as shown above. Even after the child outgrows the tray (there are actually two trays; a play tray and a food tray) it converts to a toddle seat with a weight limit of 75lbs. Love this chair!

2. Motorola Digital Baby Monitor with 3.5" Screen
I absolutely love this monitor. The image is very crisp, even when in night mode. The picture is so clear that we can actually see Giovanni breathing!

3. Snuza Halo
After all of the loss that we experienced, I knew that I would be a nervous wreck once Giovanni came home, especially when he would be sleeping. I have read horror stories of parents going to wake their baby up in the morning only to find that their baby had passed away during the night. Now I am probably more paranoid than most, but this has really given us peace of mind. We were actually looking into the Angel monitor that many people have, but I did some research and found that things like a breeze from an open window or a fan was enough to keep sensing as though the baby is breathing. This is not the case with this monitor as it clips right onto their diaper. It has gone off twice during the night (which made me almost s**t myself) but I am thankful he had it on. One time that it went off he was actually choking on vomit!

4. Rainforest Jumperoo
Giovanni started using this right around 10 weeks and it has quickly become one of his most favorite toys. This thing can honestly keep him entertained for a long time. It is great for when I need to make dinner or wash bottles.

5. Storagepalooza
This is a must have once your baby gets to the age where they are playing with multiple toys throughout the day. It is great for sorting out toys/books/stuffed animals, and it also makes picking up a cinch as you can just throw toys into their designated bin...and you feel somewhat organized doing so. This piece is from Land of Nod.

6. American Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Pack N Play Sheet
This may seem like a trivial item but if you have ever tried to get a snug fit using a sheet for the pack n play, you know how rewarding it is when you find one that actually fits. All I can say is that the sheets that are made by Graco for the pack n play suck! So do all the other ones that they sell in stores such as Buy Buy Baby and BRU. All of those sheets fit very loosely and last time I checked babies were not supposed to sleep with loose bedding (note the sarcasm). These sheets are great. They wash well and you get a nice tight fit.

7. Cloud b On the Go Sleep Sheep
We love this thing so much we actually have two of them; one for the house and one for the car. This fuzzy creature is a little sound machine that plays 4 soothing sounds; rain, gentle stream, whale sounds, and ocean waves. It is approximately 8 inches tall and has a convenient Velcro strap on the back so it can securely fasten to a crib or even a car seat. It has a volume control knob and two timer options. We use this CONSTANTLY. Giovanni uses the ocean wave noise every night to go to sleep.

8. Babies R Us Deluxe Diaper Pail
Until purchasing this product on a whim, I always thought diaper pails were stupid. They were a pain in the butt to use, stunk, and required expensive refills. And then I found this. First of all, this thing is cheap ($25) and can use standard 13 gallon garbage bags. It is extremely sturdy and easy to use. You simply flip the handle up, throw the diaper into the hole, and flip the handle back down...and when you open it, this little bowl-like contraption appears which blocks the odors from the contents inside.Obviously when you open it to change the bag it does stink a little, but poop stinks...period.

9. Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit
Best. Invention. Ever. Giovanni has had a pretty prominent startle reflex since birth. Because of this we had to swaddle him from day one. Once he was able to roll over we had to stop swaddling as he would either break out of it or get stuck after rolling on his belly. We tried leaving him unswaddled but every time his arms would fall off of his chest, he would wake up. He had always been a great sleeper (6-8 hours at a time) but the very first night we put him in this he slept for 12 hours straight. He still averages 10-12 hours every night now.

10. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker
I very reluctantly purchased this for Giovanni after seeing how much he enjoyed his jumper. Out pediatrician said that 25,000 accidents happen each year as the result of walkers, but we are not idiots. We would NEVER leave Giovanni unattended in this, and there aren't any stairs that he can access. What I like about this is that the height is adjustable which is great for shorter babies like mine, it folds flat for storage, and there are many activities with lights and sounds on the activity tray. I also like that this unit is a bit wider which reduces the likelihood of pinched finger.


  1. that baby movement monitor is awesome! and so is that highchair, i love it!
    we have the sleep sheep. :)
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend. <3<3

  2. Colton LOVES his jumperoo and walker!! Two items totally worth having :)

  3. I have the same jumparoo and Emily loves it. We bought the Snuza the day she came home from the hospital. I've had several losses too and we wouldn't get any sleep without it. It has gone off a few times, mostly because it came off her diaper, but who knows if it saved her a few times too. That high chair looks amazing, I kind of wish that I had it too.