Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 Months Old!

This past Friday Giovanni turned 6 months old. I really can't believe how time flies. He is really starting to get big!

At his 6 month appointment on Friday he weighed 14lbs. 6oz (4th percentile) and was 25.25 inches long (5th percentile). He may be small, but he is a very happy little guy...not to mention strong. He is still in size 3-6 months and they are actually a little big on him. Just to think...I didn't really buy any newborn clothes for when he was born as I thought he would be too big to fit into them. Boy was I wrong!

Giovanni is doing great from a developmental perspective. He is rolling all over the place, can sit up unassisted (although he topples over after a while), can walk forwards, backwards, and turn in his walker, and has just started to try and pull himself to a sitting position when on his side. He is doing a lot of "talking" and even is communicating by fake coughing which is absolutely hysterical. When he wakes up in the morning, he coughs until my husband and I get him up.

I know it is kind of trivial, but I really enjoy shopping for him and picking out his clothes each day. I am not a fan of leaving your baby in pjs all day or just throwing them in onesies and cotton pants. I get most of his clothes from Gymboree and recently discovered Janie and Jack. Giovanni is one fasionable little dude!

  This is from Valentines Day.

It is so hard to believe that 6 months have already passed by since this little miracle entered my life. Sometimes I think back to all of the tears that I cried wanting nothing more than to be a mom, thinking that it would never happen. It is amazing what a little time, patience, persistence, and faith does! I love being a mom!


  1. happy six months to giovanni!! he is so handsome and his outfits are adorable! i LOVE gymboree!
    i hope you have a wonderful start to your week, krystyn. xoxox

  2. your story is so amazing. after having my 5th failed ivf cycle. i really dont think i will ever be a mom. we have unexplained IF, so with no answers there is nothing to fix and i have quickly learned it is the worst diagnosis. thanks for keeping up with your blog it is nice to hear what the other side of life and IF is like

  3. Happy 6 months!! It sure does go by fast!! Sounds like your little man is doing great and he is soooo cute!! I love getting my twins dressed in the morning too. We have weekend (nice clothes from grandparents) and daycare (more casual and hand-me-downs) clothes, but I try to make sure that they always look cute!!

  4. If you ever need company in the small baby club, know that my Alaster is 9.5 months old and came in at 15.3 lbs and 26" and the doctor says he is a healthy boy. :) Happy 6 months (belated)!