Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weight a Minute

Yup, you guessed it. This is yet another post about Giovanni's struggle to gain weight. Last Friday we went back to the pediatrician for his weight check. Yet again, he didn't gain like we had hoped he would. Actually, he only gained 3 ounces in about 3 weeks which made him drop from the 4th percentile down to the 2nd. When I saw the reading on the scale my heart just sank and I had all I could to do to hold back the tears. Even though I know that this isn't my fault, I can't help but feel completely guilty. I really don't understand why we are having such a problem. He has been getting 25oz. of pumped breast milk a day. I had been taking in extra calories (despite my total disgust with a slight weight gain) just to make sure that my milk was nutritious and that I was doing everything possible to help this situation. We even tried uping the amount in each bottle but no matter what we do, he won't take it. If we add in a couple of ounces here and there, he will refuse his night bottle so even though we gave him a couple of extra ounces during the day, he misses out on an entire 5oz bottle so we actually lose a few ounces. And how do I fix this? Am I supposed to shove formula down his throat and make him eat it?? The other issue that I think is contributing to this problem is that he is still throwing up a lot despite being on the maximum dose of Prevacid.

The pediatrician said it was time for him to go see a specialist. She is sending us to a Gastroenterologist at the medical center. It is kind of funny, but the doctor that he is seeing there is the same doctor who figured out what was wrong with me and found a cardiothroacic surgeon to fix me as my problem required major surgery (they cracked my chest open) but this was 17 years ago so I can only imagine how old he must be now! We are scheduled for February 12th but the have us on a cancellation list to try and get us in earlier. For the time being the pediatrician has decided that we need to give him one bottle of fortified formula a day. I was so upset when I heard this but I know it is the best thing for him right now as he needs all the calories he can get. At night we are using 3 scoops of an organic formula and adding it to 5 ounces of water. He is tolerating it quite well despite not being used to formula. I am not against formula use, it just isn't something that I have chosen for my son. Some of the ingredients are a bit scary. Corn syrup solids is the first ingredient listed on most formulas and that just doesn't seem right to give an infant. The Similac Organic, I have to say isn't all that bad and if I have to give formula, I feel a bit better about it using the organic. I am hoping that this will help and that we are not giving it to him for no reason. The more calories the better! Hopefully the specialist will have some insight on what is going on so that he can start growing like he should be.     


  1. wishing you lots of luck with your appointment and sending love and prayers to you and sweet giovanni. <3<3<3

  2. I'm so sorry for the problems Giovanni has had with weight gain. My son was born at 32w/3d, and had severe acid reflux (he took Zantac until he was about 2 years old), so I'm no stranger to struggles with weight gain. For a long time, he weighed the same as how many months old he was! It was scary! When he was about 4 months (2 months adjusted), I started supplementing breastfeeding with rice cereal mixed with breast milk. He seemed to be able to keep that down better, since it was heavier than just breast milk. Have you tried a little rice cereal mixed with breast milk for Giovanni yet? It might help him to gain a little more easily.

  3. I hope Giovanni is able to gain weight soon! Be sure to check out my blog, I have nominated you for something special :)