Monday, January 28, 2013

Growing Family, Bigger House

Over the past few months, my husband and I have been talking about the expanding needs of our family. I know that I only have one child, but I am the type of person (umm, OCD) that can't stand clutter, so once Giovanni gets to the age where he is up walking and playing with toys, we are going to have to figure out a way to keep all of his toys confined mainly to one designated room (key word "try"). We were thinking about finishing a section of our basement, which I guess is still a possibility, but I really don't like the idea of having his play area so isolated from the main level of the house. Although my husband doesn't see this as a necessity like I do (go figure), we are talking about possibly putting a while new addition onto the house.

If you can picture it, we were thinking about adding on to the side opposite the garage. My husband thinks that we only need to add a one or a one and a half story addition while I think we should go for the whole shebang and add a two story addition. The one thing that we agree on is that on the first floor we want the "playroom" to be a four season room. If we didn't expand the second story I would like to do a room with an elevated ceiling like this...

If we did expand the second story I would want another bedroom upstairs and also a laundry room as our laundry room is on the first floor and that is a total pain in the ass! Downstairs we could do a room like this but with hardwood instead of tile...


While we decide how, or even if, we want to do this, I was thinking about converting the sitting room which is attached to the master bedroom into a playroom. 

 (sitting area is back behind Tiegan)

The sitting area was actually another bedroom that we decided to open up into our bedroom. Even though we have been in the house for almost 4 years, we have never done anything with it. I would get furniture, probably from PBK, that could be used once we decide where the playroom will permanently be. Until then, all of his toys fit into these cute little storage bins from The Land of Nod. So cute!!


  1. Wait until his first birthday, he will have so many toys it will seem like you can't walk through your living room without tripping over them! Good luck with staying so organized!! :)

  2. your home is absolutely gorgeous, krystyn!! wishing you lots of luck with your decisions! i always love everything on the land of nod site!
    have a wonderful day. <3<3<3

  3. Can I please come over and just sit in your house for a couple hours and soak up the space, cleanliness, tidiness and style? I swear my entire house could fit in your master suite and with 4 kids and a dog....well....let's just say in real estate terms, its rustic, cozy, and a handyman's special here.

    I love the 4 seasons room idea!