Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Future Pacing

My husband and I have been talking a lot about the future of our family in regards to family size. We have not made any concrete decisions, but we want to keep our options open. Over the past couple of months we have been talking about it here and there, but it really hit last week when we received the bill for the yearly storage fee for our six remaining frozen embryos. We are by no means ready to have another child, but we aren't ready to say that our family is complete either. The one thing that we do know is that the only thing that prevented Giovanni from coming out was the scar tissue from when I had the cancer removed. If it wasn't for that, there is no doubt that we would have lost him when I went into labor at 23 weeks (a blessing in disguise!) Since I delivered him vaginally, the scar tissue has been broken up and offers no safeguard with a future pregnancy. Despite not knowing whether we want to expand our family, sometimes accidents happen and it would be absolutely awful if I accidentally got pregnant knowing that it would be a death sentence for the baby because of my cervical insufficiency.

After much discussion we have decided to move forward with the TAC. I am going between two surgeons for the surgery; Dr. Arthur Haney in Chicago, and Dr. George Davis near Philadelphia. I have contacted both physicians and will be consulting with both. My initial consultation with Dr. Haney is set for February 1st. I am still waiting to hear back from Dr. Davis for a consultation date. Although going to Dr. Davis would be more convenient as I could drive there with my husband, I am still leaning towards going with Dr. Haney as he was very helpful during this last pregnancy even though he wasn't able to treat me surgically. The issues are that I would have to fly out there for the surgery, fly home with a fresh incision, and my husband would not be able to go with me as he refuses to fly.

From what I understand, the procedure is pretty straightforward. I would fly out the day before the procedure for pre-op, stay overnight in the hospital after the procedure, and they fly home the day after discharge. Since the incision would be the same as a c-section scar, I would be out of work for up to 2 weeks (dependent on how I feel, could go back earlier if able). Once the TAC is placed, it is there for good and has no implications on future fertility treatments. The only downfall (if you want to call it that) is that I would require a c-section for future pregnancies and if you remember the nightmare that I went through with this last delivery (here) I actually see this as a positive thing!!

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  1. best wishes to you as you prepare for your future babies! thanks for keeping up with your blog!