Sunday, October 14, 2012

When Do I Get a Break??

Sorry it has taken me so long to post an update but between things being crazy as usual and my total detachment from life for a couple of days, I haven't really felt up to posting. Giovanni had his upper GI study on Thursday and let me just say that it was awful! I knew it wasn't going to be fun but I never expected for it to be as traumatic as it was. After checking in, we were greeted by the technician for the test. She had the radiologist come talk to my husband and I about the test. After that my husband was instructed to return to the waiting room as I was going to be the one to stay with him. Once I stripped him down to his diaper, they laid him on this wooden backboard looking contraption and started strapping him down. The worst part is that they had to put his head in this cushioned vice and strap his arms in above his head. He immediately started I have never heard him scream before. They let me stay at his head so I reached through the opening and gave him my fingers. He gripped them like he was holding on for his life. They then started the test. As he drank the Barium they kept flipping the board to get different views, all the while he is still screaming bloody murder in between gulps of the Barium. At this point I just couldn't stand to hear him scream like that so I started crying. The radiologist, who was right there, kept talking to me and telling me that he would be fine in a minute and that the test is actually worse on the parents. After what seemed like an eternity the test was over. The radiologist went over the results with me. She told me that he has severe reflux, delayed esophageal emptying, and aspiration into the nasal cavity. She then told me that she would send the report to my doctor that afternoon. The next day I got a call from his pediatrician. She told me the same thing the radiologist did and said that we were stopping the Zantac and starting Prevacid. She also said that when we see her on Wednesday for his 2 month well check that we will talk about the effectiveness of the medication and discuss referring him back to the medical center for a consultation with the pediatric gastroenterologist.

As for me, the news sucks. My fears were confirmed and I need to have a D&C. My MFM confirmed that the ultrasound that I had showed retained placenta and that it needs to come out ASAP. I go back to the medical center tomorrow morning for a surgical D&C. I am praying that it is straightforward with no complications. Wish me luck!


  1. My infant also has reflux. She started on Zantac at 3 months after only gaining 6 ozone a month due to spitting up and a learned adversion to eating with pain. The Zantac was a nightmare and we did not see consistent results since it is weight dependent, so as soon as she gained a few oz the prescription had to be changed. She had the upper GI test and then started Prevacid at 4 months and it has been so much better. Prevacid takes 5-7 days to see significant results, so be patient. Also make sure you give Prevacid 1st thing in the morning to get the best results.

  2. GOOD LUCK! My Goodness...soon this will all be behind you. You are doing all the right things and you are going to get your baby healthy and yourself healthy lickity split! Really!! And you will maybe even chuckle about all this one day??? Maybe not but it will soon be behind is a season and it will pass and you will just enjoy your baby!!