Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will It Ever End??

Over the past two weeks or so I have been experiencing an increase in headaches and pain at the base of my skull. I figured it was due to lack of sleep and stress. Friday afternoon I mentioned it to my doctor who suggested that I contact anesthesiology at the medical center. I ended up talking with the anesthesiologist that works in L&D and she said it was most likely that the blood patch that I had received after delivering Giovanni had broken up and that the leak started leaking again and that another one was needed. She offered to admit me into the hospital until they could do the patch on Monday but I refused as there was no way that I was going to go sit in the hospital and not take care of my baby. We decided that I would go to the medical center on Monday where they would admit me and do another spinal blood patch. The only part that made me nervous was that I had to stop my Lovenox Saturday night in preparation. Monday, just before noon, I was admitted back to L&D where they did the blood patch. Let me just say that it was awful! I ended up being quite dehydrated so they had to give me two liters of fluid prior to the procedure. Then, because of the dehydration, they had a hell of a time getting the blood out of my wrist to put into my spine. My poor wrist looks like I tried cutting myself with a rusty razor blade! Despite the Versed, the procedure hurt like hell and all I could do was cry...but I couldn't move at all. Despite the procedure itself sucking, the staff was wonderful and I felt better within hours of the procedure...except for where they inserted the blood patch...that still hurts like hell!

We also made an amazing discovery during our appointment with the lactation consultant on Saturday. After trying for an hour to get Giovanni to latch onto the breast, she discovered that he had a 3rd degree tongue tie and a 3rd degree upper lip tie. I can't understand for the life of me why this was not discovered sooner. I worked with multiple lactation consultants at two different hospitals and all they kept telling me was that Giovanni had a small mouth but eventually he would grow into it and then would be able to latch onto the breast. Not only am I am confused why this was never found, but I am also pissed that because of this missed problem, I missed out on a whole month of breastfeeding my son and put him through hell trying to get him to latch when it was absolutely impossible. First thing Monday morning we called a local doctor that uses a laser to correct these issues. He immediately scheduled Giovanni's procedure for the following day. The procedure itself went fine and was over in about ten minutes. As soon as the doctor brought him back to me I put him to the breast and he latched instantly. Although it only lasted a few minutes, I then knew that he could do it. My husband and I have to do these awful mouth stretches with Giovanni three times a day (he screams during them) to ensure that the ties don't reform. This has to be done everyday for the next two weeks. We go for a followup visit in the morning so that the doctor can check Giovanni's mouth to make sure there is no inflammation or infection.

Today we followed up with the lactation consultant to see if we could get Giovanni to latch, and stay latched, on the breast. Because of the frustrating 4 weeks he has had with the breast, all he did was scream. The LC explained that it is going to take a month for him to get the hang of things as that is how far he is behind with his breastfeeding skills. In the meantime I am pumping away and my output is slowly increasing. I pump anywhere form 2.5oz. to 4.5oz per pumping session. He is only eating 2.5oz per feeding right now so at least I am pumping enough to feed him. I went ahead and rented a hospital grade pump to use for a month or so as I really want to build my supply and the Pump in Style just isn't as good as a hospital grade pump. I will have it by next Tuesday so hopefully that will make a difference.

On a positive note, my little man is 4 weeks old today! I can't believe how the time is flying. He has already changed so much since his birth. He is now able to look at our faces, he can track movement with his eyes, and he can hold his head up for short periods of time during tummy time. I absolutely love watching him grow and I look forward to each new day with him!  


  1. First of all, I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through another blood patch. I hope the pain has gone away.

    Second, I just wanted to encourage you to hang in there with the breastfeeding. It sounds like you are doing a great job, especially in the face of everything you're having to deal with in terms of the blood patch and the tongue ties. My daughter is 6 months old (our first, after 10 years of IF hell), and the breastfeeding does get easier. We had a bumpy start at first (although not because of tongue tie issues), and eventually she did grow into it. We're still breastfeeding - I'm hoping to make it to 1 year, but I won't beat myself up over it if that doesn't work out.

    And, finally, I read your "About Me" page, and we have something else in common besides IF - my Polish grandmother and grandfather were very important people in my life, too. (Although apparently I couldn't pronounce the words properly when I was little, so I wound up calling them Babu (Bob-ewe) and Dzi Dzia (jaw-gee).) I always knew that I wanted to name my firstborn after Dzi Dzia, so her name is Alexa in honor of him, since his middle name was Alexander...Anyway, I just thought it was cool that you had such a close relationship with them. Yea for wonderful grandparents!

  2. Hi! I dunno if you read my comment when you posted your "feeding woes" post but i had the same darn thing happen to me after my post-partum pre-eclampsia..hired a lactation consultant and she found the tongue tie (only after i urged her to check it and she was like i'm sure he doesn't!) this is what i wrote then:
    Then I hired a lactation consultant to come to my house and she thought he was fine..I said can you just check to see if he's tongue-tied (it's a little extra piece of tissue or smth under the tongue that holds it in place) so she said "i doubt it" but checked anyway and low n behold he was. SO we had the post partum pre-e, then the tongue-tie. (had the ear nose throat clip it --painless quickie procedure)2 wks later as i had to have the pediatrician "confirm" it and then make the appt...
    after they clipped the tongue tie he latched WORSE than before. which is VERY unusual! but we somehow work around it. a lot of milk spills out while he's eating but he gets enough based on his diapers and weight. UGH WHO KNEW it cld be this hard????!!! i was in shock!!!
    (back to current time/comment) wow, we have both had quite the ride huh!?? my little guy doesn't latch well at all now but we were not told about any mouth exercises to help ensure the tongue tie does not come back. not sure if i shld've or shld be doing that? hmm i'll google it. thanks for your update!
    glad you found the culprit for your sweet baby!
    hope things get better...they will I'm sure!!!! you're doing all the right things!