Tuesday, August 7, 2012

37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the "average" baby is measuring approximately 19.13 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around 6.3 pounds. We just had a growth scan yesterday at 36+6 and the baby weighs 7lbs 1oz. and is in the 70th percentile. I asked how accurate they thought these measurements were as I know that ultrasounds can be off, but they said due to the fact that the measurements stay proportional based on my growth scans every 3-4 weeks, that they feel that this is pretty accurate. His head is still measuring 3 weeks ahead (40 weeks) so I am a bit nervous if I do end up going into labor naturally.

Weight Gain: Not happy about this! At my 33 week appointment I had gained exactly 30 pounds. Apparently they forgot to warn me that my weight was going to skyrocket these last few weeks. I am now up 38 pounds and I still have two weeks to go!! They told me that I should only gain another 3-4 pounds and this would put me just over the 40 pound mark but it is about 10 pounds more than I should have gained. I am very thankful that I controlled my weight gain in the 2nd trimester. I can't even imagine how bad my stretch marks would be if I hadn't!  

Belly: New picture next week.
Stretch Marks: Again, I will say that I am thankful that I didn't put on a ton of weight in the 2nd trimester. My first stretch mark didn't appear until 32+1 and they are now progressively getting worse and I can't even imagine how bad they would be if I gained even more weight than this! I have about 5-6 on each side of my belly and they a few inches long. The ones on my hips (from being overweight as a teenager) are also extending a bit. While I don't like them I know that they are a sign of a big healthy baby. 

Sleep: Thank God for Ambien! I wasn't sleeping at all and I started having major anxiety attacks from my lack of sleep. My MFM said that Ambien is safe to take every night since I had less than 3 weeks to go. While I don't take it every single night, I can see how my psychological well-being is affected by lack of sleep when I don't take it. Although I want my sleep now, I am ready to have sleepless nights once Giovanni is here...that is worth it!

Best Moment of the Week:  Getting my letter verifying induction. I am being admitted the morning of the 21st to start the process. They said it could take up to 72 hours as they want to try Cervidil and the cervical balloon to see if they can get me to dilate. Each of those interventions take 12 hours each. They said that if I dilate at all that they want to try Pitocin. If that works than I will deliver vaginally. If it doesn't they are going to section me. I am trying not to stress about what is going to happen. All I know is that Giovanni will be here sometime between the 21st and 24th.

Symptoms: I can't take the ligament pain anymore! While I am free of the wheelchair as of today from a cervical standpoint, I still have to keep it as I just can't walk much. Short distances are iffy, but long distances, forget it!

Food Cravings: All I want is fruit. Better than cupcakes or cookies I guess.

Gender: Still a boy.

What I'm Looking Forward to: These next two weeks to fly by. While I don't want to deliver him early, I really want these last two weeks to hurry up. I am ready to not be pregnant anymore and to finally hold him in my arms! 

Milestones: Making it to "full term".


  1. congratulations, krystyn! yay for 37 weeks and yay for full term! :)
    sending lots of love <3

  2. Woohoo! So glad you made it this far...and I'm talking about from three years ago...not just this 9 months of turmoil!!!

  3. You are one tough lady and Giovanni and your hubby are so lucky to have you! You've encountered so many bumps along the way and you've pushed through every single one of them! You should be so very proud of yourself! Congratulations on making it to full-term!! That is AWESOME!!!

  4. Full term is amazing and I'm so happy for you! You're in the home stretch now - good luck!

  5. Yes, I'm finally commenting :) And woot! Full term!! I totally knew you'd make it this far... so happy for you!!

  6. I wanted to add: try not to be afraid of Giovanni's head size if you have him vaginally. The widest part is the shoulders. Once those are out, the rest is a breeze and Giovanni will be in your arms looking up at his mommy and daddy!