Thursday, July 5, 2012

32 Weeks (and 2 days)

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the "average" baby is measuring approximately 16.69 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around 3.75 pounds, however, based on his growth I know that we are already well over 4 pounds.

Picture of Baby: This is a picture that was taken last Thursday at 31+2. The tech saw that he was active and tried to get a 3D/4D shot when he was squirming around. She was able to get part of his face. His eyes look a bit freaky though but it is how she had to soften the image in order to define his lips and nose.

Maternity Clothes: I have finally purchased my first nursing bra and a couple of nursing nightgowns. I didn't want to but too much stuff as I am not sure how big the "girls" will get once my milk comes in so I don't want to buy things and waste them.

Weight Gain: I had no weight gain this last week and was still up 27 pounds. I have a feeling though that this week I have made up for it so I am expecting to be up 30 pounds when I am weighed tomorrow morning.

Belly: I will post one over the weekend as I just keep forgetting to take one.   
Stretch Marks: The stretch marks have finally started! They are not bad but I had a complete nervous breakdown when I first saw them. I have some on my hips and a few on the bottom of my belly. They aren't too bad yet and are quite small but I am sure that they won't stay that way. I have previous stretch marks from when I was obese in high school (none on my belly though) so I was really hoping that I wouldn't get them now since I already had been big. In the middle of my meltdown my husband (who felt horrible) came over and put his arms around me and said "I love you just the way you are and besides, when you have your tummy tuck they will be removed anyway". God I love him!!!

Sleep: Sleep is officially a thing of the past. The pain from the SPD is waking me up constantly. It is to the point where I have to get out of bed and pace. Today it was so bad I balled my eyes out and threw myself on the floor. Supposedly it corrects itself after birth. I hope so!! 

Best Moment of the Week:  This may sound pathetic but I was very excited when my breast pump got delivered. My insurance company covered it in full since they consider returning to work a "medical necessity". It is nice to see that they support breastfeeding considering that "breast is best". I do have a fear though that I won't be able to do it as I have the insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, and hormonal imbalance (hence the infertility issues) working against me. I am working with a lactation consultant so she is going to do her best to get me breastfeeding. At the very least I am hoping to be able to pump so I can exclusively give him breast long as we aren't faced with allergies and intolerances.

Movement: All I can say is ow!

Symptoms: Afternoon fatigue, frequent urination, and pelvic pain and pressure. Lots of fun.

Food Cravings: Still craving fruit. My husband has been cubing Watermelon like crazy for me. I haven't had much swelling so I am not restricting my intake.

Gender: Still a boy.

What I Miss: Being able to get comfortable. I thought that I was uncomfortable around 24 weeks. Wow, that seems like a pin prick compared to what I feel now.

What I'm Looking Forward to: His arrival. I don't want him to come until at least 35 weeks but I am starting to get excited. I still can't believe that I am going to be a mom!

Nursery: I got the call today that the wing back rocker for the nursery is done. It will be delivered a week from Friday...five weeks sooner than the originally had anticipated.

Weekly Wisdom: None this week.  

Milestones: Every second that I am still pregnant is a milestone for me. My next goal though is to make it to 35 weeks.   


  1. Hurray for 32! I get so happy every time I see your next milestone pop up :-)

  2. happy 32 weeks, krystyn! i agree with the comment above! hope you're staying as cool as possible!
    sending lots of love and counting down along with you. <3
    happy weekend!