Sunday, June 17, 2012

It Never Ends

Just wanted to post a quick update as so much has gone on since my last post. On Wednesday my husband got me out of the house and took me to Buy Buy Baby (in my wheelchair of course) to pick up some items with gift cards that we got from the baby shower. As usual, I had to pee about halfway through our shopping trip. As I stood up after finishing my business, a small gush of fluid came out. I immediately got scared but in the end figured that it was just pee. All night I also noticed an increase in the wetness of my pantyliner but didn't think much of it. Thursday morning I got up and ate breakfast as usual. Later that morning I went to the bathroom and remembered what had happened the day before. This time as I was standing up, nothing happened. I went to go wash my hands and that is when it happened. I had this warm gush of fluid that I couldn't control. At first I was pretty convinced that I was bleeding but immediately checked and noticed that it was clear fluid. Again, it wasn't a huge gush, but enough to soak my entire pantyliner. Thankfully I had an appointment a couple hours after that happened so I knew that it would be looked into.

When I got to the doctors office, I was notified that ultrasound was backed up so I would see the MFM first. I explained to the MFM what had happened so he did a speculum examination and noted pooling on the speculum. He was concerned, but not overly concerned. I didn't pay attention to much during the ultrasound as I was too focused on looking at the baby and making sure he was fine. The tech went out to get the MFM to measure my cervix and that is when I started looking at the screen. I noticed my AFI was only an 8 and even though I couldn't remember the number from the week before, I knew that it was much higher. The MFM walked in and said that he was quite concerned. In 6 days my AFI went from almost 17 down to an 8. I lost over 50% of my fluid in less than a week. He measured it again and came up with the same number. He then told me that I needed to immediately go over to L&D to get checked out.

I was really upset as the second class of my breastfeeding series was that night but I knew that something was wrong. As we were checking into L&D the Chief MFM came out and asked me what was going on. He said that if I was still leaking that I would have to get Magnesium again and that I would be staying until I delivered the baby. At this point I was sobbing. After checking in, my husband wheeled me back to my room. The Litmus paper was positive for amniotic fluid, but the Amnisure was negative. Since they weren't able to tell for sure what was going on, they admitted me and scheduled me for an Amnio dye test for the morning. The good news was that my cervix was completely closed and measuring about 1.7cm.

The next morning the Chief MFM came in to explain things to me. He said that something happened but they weren't sure what. He said that the dye test would confirm a leak and a doppler would rule out any issues with the placenta. Since I have APS, it is quite common to have placental issues where the blood flow is insufficient. A couple hours later they came to get me for the Amnio. I was absolutely terrified about the thought of this needle going through my stomach. As he inserted the needle, I held a towel over my face so I couldn't look. I immediately felt an awful cramp and was told that it was in. They took out some fluid to run an LBC to test for lung maturity and also a culture for infection. They then inserted the dye. After they removed the needle they shoved (yes shoved) a dry wad of gauze up inside of me so they could tell if I was leaking. I actually think the insertion of the gauze was worse than the Amnio. They immediately brought me back to my room and hooked me up to the monitor. I had some pretty good contractions afterwards, but I guess that is completely normal. Two hours later the resident came in to remove the gauze. Luckily it was clean so there was no active leak. The cultures from the Amnio were not back but the LBC showed that his lungs were no where near ready. Anything over a count of 50,000 is mature and my reading was only 4,000 so we have a long way to go. Since I didn't have an active leak, they decided to send me home with the condition that I come in twice a week for NSTs and BPPs. They said that this way they can keep a close eye on things but I don't have to stay in the hospital.

I go back on Tuesday for a NST and BPP. I am really hoping that things have improved and that there isn't any problems. My MFM said that this doesn't just happen for no reason, but the reason is unknown at this time. I have to admit that I am a bit anxious and have been counting Giovanni's movements consistently throughout the day. They told me that if anything changes, anything at all, that I am to return immediately to L&D. I am praying that everything will be okay!