Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did I Speak Too Soon?

These past two days have been absolutely crazy. It started yesterday morning when I was still having the same cramps as I was the night before. There were not relieved by increasing my fluids, resting, or walking. I tried timing the intervals of the cramps but it was impossible and that actually put my mind at ease...for a while. At about 2pm I kept getting this sharp shooting pain with tightening from the top of my uterus right down through my pelvic region. Again, they were difficult to time. I decided to take the anti-spasmodic they gave to help with contractions and then I decided to lay down and take a nap. By about 7:30 I was getting these pains similar to doing a situp (both the tightening and the cramp/muscle pull feeling) so I decided it was time to call the on-call doctor. The Resident covering L&D was the one that did rounds on the antepartum unit what I was in the hospital for preterm labor. I told her that I had an appointment in less than 24 hours but she still decided that it was best that I came in. When I got there I was still having those situp type pains, but they were not registering as contractions...thank God! I told her that these pains are nothing like I ever felt before, not even when I was in preterm labor. She decided to run some labs to make sure that nothing was going on with my gallbladder. She also measured my cervix to be on the safe side. The original measurement she got was 1.7cm but then got, on more than one occasion, 2.8cm. She also said my cervix was still closed. I was happy with that and they sent me home.

Fast forward to today...

I had my weekly appointment this afternoon at 2pm. The same MFM that I was seeing for my appointment did my ultrasound. Boy were things different. The smallest measurement on my cervix was a measly 8mm and the largest was 1.2cm...not good. She then made a circle with her thumb and her pointer finger and said that is what my cervix was like. I thought she was referring to the length but now I am freaking out thinking that she was referring to how much I was dilated. I then went back to the examine room and waited for her to come in. She immediately decided that it was in my best interest to get the steroid shots at this point. I was hesitant as you can only get the shots twice in a pregnancy and the maximum effectiveness only lasts just over a week. She did say though that if I do go into labor early that they will be able to give me a booster shot if need be. I then started talking about when I should switch my Lovenox to Heparin and she said that they may wait until the day before if I am going to be a scheduled delivery. So then I said "so you think there is a chance I could go until my planned date" and she responded "well, we should just focus on the fact that you got the steroid shot today and you should be happy about that." Umm, what?? I also brought up the fact that they need to figure out a scheduled date (roughly) based on all the recommendations that have been made by the specialists that the Chief MFM referred me to. The consensus is a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks but as most OB doctors do, everyone has their own opinion. I have decided that I am not going to bring this up again until I see the Chief himself as I am truly starting to get pissed of with everyone's opinion. Why the hell did I get referred to these specialists if their opinions don't matter? I even read the letter that my immunologist sent to the Chief so I know it exists, yet there are some who have no idea about it and some who don't seem to give a shit about it. I am seeing my urologist in two weeks so I will have him write a letter as well. Guess what people, this is my body and if I choose to listen to the majority of the physicians on this, that is the way it is going to be. Unless the Chief can guarantee me that all the bad things that my specialists are worried about happening won't happen, I will put up a fight. I did not make it this far for something bad to happen.

So the plan is for me to go back tomorrow afternoon for the second steroid shot. I have decided that I am going to have them explain things to me. Am I dilated? Is there a chance that I am going to deliver in the next week? What is the plan for the Lovenox if I do go into labor again? I understand that there are differing opinions among all the doctors in the practice, but it is frustrating as the be told several different things. I will get my answers tomorrow one way or another. I live an hour from the medical center (in no traffic), my cervix is under a centimeter, and I have no clue what the plan is. This is so frustrating!!!


  1. Oh, Krystyn. I'm sorry for your frustrations! I hope you get answers tomorrow.

  2. Oh dear, so stressful and frustrating and hard. I hope you get some clear answers tomorrow and a plan you feel good about (well, as good as possible under the circumstances). Hope the pains go away, cervix stabilizes, and baby stays put for another 9 weeks!

  3. Hope you get some answers. Praying that the baby stays put for a while longer!

  4. Thinking of you, and praying baby stays put.

  5. hoping/praying you got some answers and anxious to see a new post! hoping you are ok.