Tuesday, June 26, 2012

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the "average" baby is measuring approximately 16.18 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around 3.31 pounds. We are blowing these averages out of the water though as Giovanni exceeded this over a week ago when he was already 3 1/2 pounds!

Picture of Baby: Nothing good to share. We got a few pictures last week but they are kind of freaky looking at he is looking at the camera. 

Maternity Clothes: I finally had to give in and buy maternity/nursing nightgowns as my belly is just too big for oversized non-maternity nightgowns.

Weight Gain: 27 pounds. I am gaining between 1-2 pounds a week now so I am hoping to end up only gaining approximately 35 pounds. I am so happy that I was careful in the 1st and 2nd trimesters as I knew the 3rd trimester would bring the most weight gain. Yay for good planning!!

Belly: No new pics this week.  
Stretch Marks: Nope, none yet. 

Sleep: Giovanni is consistently waking me up at 1:30am, 4:30am, and 7:30am with his punching and kicking. I am thinking that this is going to be his feeding pattern once he is born. 

Best Moment of the Week:  Having a date night with my husband. Yesterday evening he brought me to my favorite home decorating store as they were having their huge semi-annual sale. After buying a few things we went to see "What to Expect When You Are Expecting", and then out to dinner. It was so nice!

Movement: I am noticing that the movements are becoming quite a bit stronger. My husband can now watch my belly move from across the room.

Symptoms: Fatigue and thigh and back pain. The first trimester fatigue is back with a vengeance. Yesterday I was in bed until about 10, ate breakfast, and went back to sleep until about 2.

Food Cravings: Still craving fruit.

Gender: Still a boy.

What I Miss: Having control over my body. I can't wait until I have control over when I pee and when I sleep. Apparently the pee thing will take a while to recover from and I know very well that I will not dictate when I sleep, at least for the next 18 years. So yeah, I guess that I am going to be missing these things for a while, huh?

What I'm Looking Forward to: I'm not really sure. I guess I am just really scared at this point. My MFM said that he hopes that I can make it to 35 weeks but is pretty sure that my body will go into labor on its own sometime between now and 35 weeks. It is scary just sitting around waiting for that to happen.

Nursery: Still waiting on the paintings and personalized blocks to be shipped. Once this happens and we hang everything up, the nursery will be done with the exception of the rocker...which is still "in production" as I had to choose a custom fabric. Here is a picture of the rocker:

Weekly Wisdom: A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn into glorious success. 

Milestones: I will be happy when I get to 32 weeks but even happier at 35 weeks.  

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