Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Weeks (and 1 day)

Just wanted to post a quick update about my appointment yesterday before I get into my weekly post. I went yesterday afternoon for my first BPP and NST since being released from the hospital with a suspected leak. First they did the growth scan which I will detail below. The also did the BPP and we passed with flying colors. My fluid levels are back up to where they were before I had "the leak" and my AFI was 17 (was an 8 last Thursday). My cervix was measuring 2.4cm so that was great news! The NST also went perfectly. I have a bunch of questions for the MFM (the Chief) that I am seeing on Friday so I will update as soon as I have the answers to my questions.

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the "average" baby is measuring approximately 15.71 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around 2.91 pounds. We had our 30 week growth scan yesterday and Giovanni's estimated weight is 3lbs6oz. and that puts him in the 60th percentile. His femurs and humerus bones are measuring about 1 week behind, h\is stomach is measuring about 1 week ahead, and his head is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead. Thank God I am having a c-section!!!  

Picture of Baby: I am afraid that we might not have any more pictures to share. Giovanni has been head down, plastered against my cervix since about 21 weeks. Since then he has discovered how cozy the placenta is and refuses to move out of it. They try like hell to get me good pictures but he just won't cooperate. 

Maternity Clothes: This past week I attempted to put on a pair of my cute maternity jeans that I wore when I first got pregnant but they have the demi panel and are so uncomfortable. That tight squeezing feeling is enough to make me scream.

Weight Gain: I am up a total of 25 pounds. 

Belly: My husband was a saint and brought me up to the lake in my wheelchair to have lunch. I stood up long enough to take this picture.
Stretch Marks: Nope, none yet. 

Sleep: I really can't complain. I get up a lot at night either due to pain or to pee, but overall it isn't bad.

Best Moment of the Week:  Being congratulated by my MFM for making it to 30 weeks.

Movement: Constant. I had a NST yesterday and in 20 minutes he had well over 60 movements. My little hyperactive boy!

Symptoms: The 3rd trimester symptoms are officially in full effect. I have swelling in my calves and ankles (only when it is hot or if I am in the wheelchair for too long) and I have been getting horrible calf cramps at night. Ugh! 

Food Cravings: Fruit. Fruit smoothies. Fruit bars. Anything fruit.

Gender: Still a boy.

What I Miss: Being able to move quickly. There is nothing quick about my movements anymore.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Scheduling a delivery date. I have an appointment with the Chief MFM this Friday so I am hoping that he will schedule it at that point or at least tell me when it is going to be. Everyone has their own opinions but it is up to him. He is the one who knows my history the best and referred me to specialists for evaluation so I think that it should be up to him and no one else. Whatever he says goes.

Nursery: Still working on the finishing details. I ordered a set of personalized nautical blocks yesterday from Etsy. Can't wait to get them!

Weekly Wisdom: None this week. 

Milestones: Next milestone (the huge one) is 32 weeks. 


  1. Here from ICLW - your pic is gorgeous! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on making it to 30 weeks. While it has been a long, tough road you are almost there.

  3. You look so cute!! Almost there :)

  4. here from ICLW. congrats on getting to the 30-week mark!!!

  5. 30 Weeks! YAYYYY!!!!
    For the leg cramps and swelling, put some water in a soda bottle and freeze them, when your legs or feet strt to bother you, have your husband roll them up and down on your feet and legs. Very soothing (and it helps with swelling)!