Friday, May 25, 2012

Yay For Good News!

Yesterday was my weekly ultrasound to check my cervix and my appointment with my MFM. Last week my cervix was back down to 1.6cm and had extensive funneling...again. This week my cervix was back up to 2.5cm and there was very minimal funneling. My MFM said that I have a very dynamic cervix so this is to be expected. The good news is that it is fluctuating between 1.6cm and 2.8cm and not really going much lower. He stressed again that our first goal is still 28 weeks, which is only 11 days away, and then our next goal is 32 weeks. He basically said that if we make it to 32 weeks that he doesn't care what happens after that. I asked him if he thought we would make it and he said "we shall see". They originally told me that making it to 28 weeks would be amazing so I believe, despite still being 11 days away, that I have exceeded their expectations.

I was also very pleased to find out that yesterday was our monthly growth scan. Three and a half weeks ago on April 30th, LC weighed 1lb2oz. and was measuring in the 47th percentile. Yesterday LC weighed approximately 2lbs2oz and was now measuring in the 59th percentile. LC was also measuring one week and one day ahead of our EDD of 8/28. I honestly believe that my gestational diabetes is playing a role in this increase. Since being discharged from the hospital for preterm labor, I have been having a really hard time tolerating the Glucophage. I am thinking that maybe this increase in growth rate is due to my higher blood sugars, but hey, who knows? My next growth scan is in four weeks so I can't wait to see how big LC is getting!

This morning I had a routine appointment with my immunologist as he is following me closely with this pregnancy. He said that he is pleased with the way things are going, from his perspective, and is happy to see that I am doing so well. The one bit of exciting news that he gave me is that he is not going to let me (if I make it this far) go past 37 weeks and he said there is no way that I am doing a vaginal birth. We already knew that it was likely that I was going to be a c-section, but I often wondered what would happen if I went into labor early...again. So no matter when things happen, I will be having a c-section and if I make it "full term" I will be delivering on or around August 7th. My birthday is August 5th so this would be an incredible gift. As much as I would have like to have a normal pregnancy, not to mention being able to normally conceive, that is not the way things went for me. I refuse to sit here and dictate my birthing methods to my doctors and obsess over a specific birth plan. I have every intention on making a modified birth plan so the hospital knows my wishes for the baby, but for me, I am going to go with the flow. I am just happy to be where I am right now...pregnant with a healthy baby. Again, one day at a time!


  1. so happy for you!! I'm glad you got good news and are surviving this very difficult, stressful time! yes one day at a time is great motto! I hope your husband is doing good too.
    I love that you're not doing one of those ridiculous birth plans..(sorry but that's how i feel)..I mean yes some basic stuff is fine but "i want scented candles and my extended family in the room w/ me and no medical interventions; no epidurals etc" is just hilarious to me!
    it's good to know what you want but even better to go with the flow and not risk harm for some "ideal" goddess birth. anyway, i'll stop now. :) mainly wanted to say i'm happy for you and i know in my heart you will have a healthy baby in your arms! (I'm 36 weeks now and can't believe it myself!) take care.

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  3. Hurray for good measurements! And a totally sensible attitude for birth. An OB that didn't know me asked me during my 7th (and only successful) pregnancy what my birth plan was and I replied, "For the baby and me to be OK at the end of it!". It would be lovely to have a water birth with minimal drugs while listening to whales singing, but after all many of us have been through, the ideal birth becomes totally secondary to just getting the baby (and ourselves) out in one piece!

    1. I'm on my 7th pregnancy myself (last 6 miscarried early) and now at 36 weeks and have the EXACT same attitude! Like, my "birth plan" is to give birth and have a live, healthy baby come out and for me to survive to see him. Thank you.

  4. Awesome!!

    My hub's birthday is on the 7th of August- we were going to ask for that to be my section date if we make it that far on Tuesday!!

    You're positive attitude really is inspiring!

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