Friday, May 4, 2012

Preterm Labor UPDATE

Thanks so everyone who has kept me, my husband, and my baby in their thoughts and prayers. Yesterday was my follow up ultrasound and I am very happy to report that things have stabilized. My cervix on Monday morning was at 1cm with extensive funneling. They had also noted a large blood clot in my cervix where the funneling was. Yesterday my cervix was measuring in at 1.3cm, still with extensive funneling and the blood clot is starting to break up. While they doctors doubt that my cervix has increased in length, they said that this new measurement shows that my cervix is stabilizing that this is the best we can hope for. The baby is doing perfectly and is measuring in the 47th percentile. I was also really happy to hear the my fFN was negative so that means "theoretically" that I have less than a 5% chance of delivering in the next two weeks. While the long term plan is to keep me here in the hospital until 28 weeks (23+3 today), they said that they would consider discharge to home on strict bed rest if things remain stable over a period of time. While I am not holding my breath, I am staying hopeful. The nice thing, if I do have stay in the hospital, is that they will be able to give me a day pass to go to my shower. I have been waiting so long to celebrate a pregnancy with a family and friends, that this shower means a lot to me. Obviously the health of my baby is most important but I would love to keep things as normal as possible. I will post another update shortly.


  1. Glad you are doing okay. It sucks that you might have to stay in the hospital but your right, the health of the baby is most important.

  2. I'm so so happy to hear that the odds are less than 5%!
    I won't stop praying and am keeping the faith you get to go to your so deserve that!

  3. Hoping things stay stable!!! Your shower situation gave me such a pang; I also got a day pass to attend my shower when on hospital bed rest (after the original shower, which was to take place in another state, had to be canceled). Thinking of you often ...

  4. Just checking in. I hope that you are well.


  5. Stopping by from LFCA. Many prayers that things calm down and that your baby stays nice and safe.

  6. Wonderful news. Thinking of you and baby <3
    I hope you get sent home soon, and am happy to hear you get to go to your shower.