Tuesday, May 22, 2012

26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the baby is measuring approximately 14 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around 1.7 pounds! 

Picture of Baby: This was taken last week at 25weeks 2days.
Maternity Clothes: I bought a tight black maternity dress back when I first started my 2nd trimester as I knew I had my shower and a wedding coming up. I have been so afraid that it wouldn't fit as I am huge now. I will admit that it is a bit "fitted" but I still can rock it. Thank God because I had no intention of going out to buy a new dress.

Weight Gain: The weight is packing on! As of last Thursday at my appointment I was up a total of 17 pounds! I know that I am supposed to gain weight as I am pregnant, but I won't lie, I can't help but be a bit obsessed with it. I am more motivated than ever to get it off once the baby is here. Yay for breastfeeding induced weight loss!!

Belly: This picture makes me realize that I am in desperate need for Botox and an eyebrow lift. Ugh!!

Stretch Marks: None yet.

Sleep: I am fatigued all day, but I have wicked insomnia so I can't sleep at night. I can't even nap anymore! I took Ambien in the hospital and it worked like a charm, despite being a tiny dose, so I have every intention to ask for it this week at my appointment. Taking it once in a while won't hurt anything. Not sleeping is worse!

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing the nursery painted. Everything is becoming so real now!

Movement: Constant...and they are not the cute little jabs that I used to feel. These are major black belt type kicks and punches. The baby is most active starting around midnight so while I am laying in bed dealing with my insomnia I play "kick mommy's hand" with LC. Maybe it is just a fluke, but LC will kick back if I poke just right. 

Symptoms: Horrible, horrible back pain! It hurts only when I walk or stand. Those activities are minimal since I am on bed rest, but when I do get up, I want to scream. I have also reached the stage in pregnancy where I can't get comfortable to save my life. My husband will wake up to me sitting in bed crying at night because I can't can't comfortable. I know I can take Tylenol, but to me Tylenol is equivalent to water. 

Food Cravings: Nothing really. The only one thing that I have been wanting is a Mango Bubble Tea. It is quite refreshing.

Gender: 11 days until the big reveal!! Can't wait to share the news!!

What I Miss: Doing normal things. It is hard, especially when you feel pretty good, to sit in bed all day and do nothing. 

What I'm Looking Forward to: My next growth scan. While I have an ultrasound every week, they only take measurements on the baby every four weeks. I think my next growth scan is a week from Thursday so I am excited to see how big LC is getting. I am hoping to be at the 2 pound mark by then!

Nursery: The nursery is finally painted. I ordered decorative switch plate covers as I wanted to dress things up a bit. I have also decided against curtains and instead I am ordering custom roman shades (inside mount) for the windows. I also got a call from Pottery Barn Kids that the estimated delivery of my rocker and ottoman has been moved up. Originally they said it was expected to arrive August 21st, but now they have a date of June 28th. This makes me very happy!

Weekly Wisdom: I am not feeling wise this week. Maybe next week...

Milestones: My next milestone will be the 3rd trimester. If you go by all the apps which uses the first day of week 27, I have 7 days to go. If you divide the pregnancy into thirds, the 3rd trimester starts in 11 days. Actually, I am happy everyday that I am still pregnant!


  1. happy 26 weeks, krystyn! <3
    i'm excited for you and for your gender reveal.
    love and prayers always.

  2. YAY for 26 weeks! I think you look fantastic - no botox needed!

    Also, yay for PBK order coming in earlier than anticipated :)

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