Tuesday, May 15, 2012

25 Weeks!

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the baby is measuring approximately 13.6 inches crown to heel and is weighing in around a pound and a half! 

Picture of Baby: Baby wouldn't cooperate on Thursday so we have no new pictures. Hoping to get some good ones this Thursday.

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking my sweatpants and t-shirts for bed rest. My husband did get me out on Saturday in my wheelchair though so I was finally able to wear the cute striped maternity maxi dress I got from Gap.

Weight Gain:  Up a total of 16 pounds, although I stepped on the scale yesterday and I was down 3 pounds. Must be a fluke as I am eating every couple of hours now.

Belly: None this week...see the one from my last post.
Stretch Marks: None yet.

Sleep: The fatigue is back. I wake up around 8am to eat breakfast and I am back to sleep by 11am. I think LC is going through another growth spurt!

Best Moment of the Week:  Finally getting the courage to order my nursery furniture. It wasn't that I didn't have faith that everything was going to be okay, I was just being my superstitious self.

Movement: All the time! LC is head down so I am getting kicked in the gut and punched in the cervix. Yesterday LC moved so far up that I couldn't eat from all of the pressure as it was making me nauseous. At my ultrasound on Thursday, LC's feet were about three inches above my bellybutton.

Symptoms: Still having a lot of ligament pain. I am also very hungry all the time.

Food Cravings: Cupcakes! My husband made me two dozen cupcakes Thursday night and I managed to polish them off by Sunday evening.

Gender: 18 days until the big reveal!!

What I Miss: Doing normal things. Bed rest sucks, plain and simple!

What I'm Looking Forward to: For the next ten weeks to fly by. My MFM first said it would be amazing for me to make it to 28 weeks. On Thursday he upped that to 32 weeks. I am shooting for 35 weeks as that is when NICU time would be minimal if not non-existent.

Nursery: We ordered the furniture last week. The crib and the changing table system will be delivered on June 1st. They wanted to deliver it this Friday but I have doctors appointments all day so I will not be home. My rocker and ottoman isn't scheduled to be here until the 21st of August. Since I ordered a custom chair, I knew that it would take a while, but never expected it to take that long. PBK is going to call me next week as they think that date was the "absolute latest" date so I am hoping that they have some updated information for me. The painter is coming Wednesday morning so I am starting to get excited.

Weekly Wisdom: One day at a time...

Milestones: My next milestone will be the 3rd trimester which officially starts June 1st (only 17 more days), the day before my shower and the day the nursery furniture is getting delivered. 


  1. Great news all round. A friend's sister just had her baby at 27 weeks after PPROM and an infection and the wee guy is doing great - breathing on his own and expected to be just fine in every way. It's incredible what they can do now - and it sounds like you may well be on course for avoiding all that anyway - fingers crossed!

  2. happy 25 weeks, krystyn! Yay for 17 days until the first trimester. I love the photo in your last post. Your bump is adorable...you look great!
    I'm praying for you and happy for you good news!

  3. My oldest was born at 35 weeks. He spent 2 hours in NICU for oxygen and observation. Then, he spent an extra day with me in recovery, then a day and a half rooming in with me under the billi lights and heater for jaundice. After that, he was fine and is my healthiest kid. 6 years old now! My advice (not that you asked for it, but 35 seekers hold a special place in my heart) plenty of kangaroo care to help regulate his or her body temperature, breathing and even heart rate, and frequent feedings, even if it is just drops between sleepy gums.