Sunday, April 22, 2012

My 10 Must-Have Baby Items

1. Madison Crib and Madison Changing Table System from PBK
This is the furniture that we have decided on. I like the crib because it is simple yet functional. It is a 3-in-1 crib so I am hoping to use it for a while. The wood is pretty hard as a fingernail cannot scratch it (as most cribs in traditional baby stores do) and it comes with the teething guards already installed. The changing table system is my dream piece. I think it is absolutely beautiful and provides ample storage.

2. Wing Back Rocker and Ottoman from PBK
This was actually one of the most difficult pieces to decide on. I am not a fan of the traditional gliders as they do not fit the decor of my house, so I wanted something a bit more "stately". The best thing about this chair, besides how comfortable it is, is that it comes with stationary legs so it can transition to another room once we are done with it in the nursery. We have decided that we will be putting it in our sitting room which is connected to our master bedroom.

3. 4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat/Bouncer
I decided to go with this instead of a swing or a bouncer seat. The MamaRoo bounces up and down and swags from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies. It has five unique motions to choose from: Car Ride - A figure eight on its side, KangaRoo - Lots of up-and-down, less side-to-side, Tree Swing - High on the sides, low in the middle, Rock-A-Bye - Low on the sides, high in the middle, and Ocean View - Around in a big circle. It has five speeds for sleep and play, an integrated white noise machine, and also a port to plug in an iPod. It even has it's own music. Here is a video that highlights its features:

4. Bloom Fresco Loft Black Base Highchair in Henna Brown
I picked this highchair as it is the only one on the market that goes up to counter height. The table in our breakfast nook is counter height so having a traditional highchair would be pointless. The other nice feature is that this can be used from birth (as it reclines) up to 79lbs. as it converts into a booster/play seat. 

5. 2012 Baby Jogger City Mini GT
I was originally in love with the Baby Jogger City Elite but I wasn't fond of how long that chassis was. I was considering the City Mini but the wheels were plastic and not all-terrain. For 2012, Baby Jogger came out with a hybrid of the two called the City Mini GT. Not only does it have the foam filled wheels for all different types of terrain, it also features a handbrake, a large storage basket, an adjustable handlebar, and it even folds with one hand. The chassis is slightly larger than the City Mini but smaller than the City Elite. While this is not a jogging stroller, it will fit our needs just fine. 

6. Diaper Dude Messenger II Diaper Bag
This choice was all on my husband. Since we decided that one diaper bag would work best for us, a girly one would not due for obvious reasons. While this is quite simple, it is also quite functional. It features one large compartment with a mesh pocket for baby's items and an additional compartment with a mesh pocket for the adult's items. Also features a padded shoulder strap, an insulated bottle holder, three large compartments with Velcro closure, dad's checklist screened on the magnetic flap and breathable mesh padding for extra comfort. Includes a padded changing pad, clips for stroller strap, an interior key clip and a removable cell phone holder. The perfect bag for us!

7. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5" Screen and Wireless Camera
I love all the features on this unit. The parent unit is designed with a 3.5" full-color LCD screen for a clear view, and the pan, tilt and zoom functions offer convenient use. Infrared night vision lets you keep an eye on your little one, even in low-light conditions, and the high-sensitivity microphone allows for two-way communication. The monitor features an out-of-range alert, a room temperature display, a sound level indicator and a low-battery alert. Five lullabies are programmed into the monitor. This monitor had great reviews and even claims to have the least amount of interference from other electronic devices.

8. ERGObaby Baby Carrier

I originally thought that I wanted a Baby Bjorn as it seems as though that is what everyone gets, then I read several studies that show that they are bad for hip and spine development because all of the baby's weight just hangs putting undue stress and pressure on the pelvis and spine. My orthopedic doc actually recommended this carrier as the baby is in a natural sitting position which supports the natural rounding of the baby's spine.

9. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper
I wanted something besides a bassinet as I am so afraid my baby will have acid reflux and not be able to lay down. I fell in love with a beautiful bassinet that cost $350 but it would be a shame if we bought it and couldn't use I decided on this. What I like about it is that it is portable so we can bring it with us on the go or just keep it upstairs next to the it is well under $100. The reviews on these are great and I know several moms who swear by them.

10. Fisher-Price Jumperoo - Rainforest

This is another item that my husband picked out...and I actually love it too. I originally wanted the Baby Einstein Musical Jumper but I read some nasty reviews that the bungees would snap and/or pinch the baby's fingers and that the piece that goes between the legs was too wide, making it quite uncomfortable for the baby. This jumper got pretty good reviews and the videos on YouTube were even entertaining to watch!


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  2. Your must-have items are all gorgeous! Two pieces of assvice -- feel free to ignore as you wish:

    1) Get one of the Rock 'n Play Sleeper models that has a built- in pillow. The "spine" of that thing is HARD and you'll start worrying about creating a flat head otherwise.

    2) Get a cheap bouncy seat. The Mamaroo seat is beautiful and sounds great -- but both of my babies hate it. HATE it. I got it used on eBay, so I don't feel quite as peeved as I would if I'd gotten it new, but still. I have yet to find any baby who dislikes bouncy seats, and the vibration of the bouncy seat is sometimes the only thing that will get a tiny baby to sleep. Plus, bouncy seats are easily portable -- the Mamaroo is not.

  3. One more thing: I don't have a carrier, because my back isn't up to carrying twins, but my friends who have the Ergo all love it passionately.

    Another thing you might want to consider down the road is a stroller frame for your car seat if you plan on getting an infant seat. They're typically not expensive, they're a lot lighter than full strollers, and there will be times that the ability to yank out the car seat, snap it into the stroller frame and go rather than unhooking the baby from the car seat and re-situating the baby in the stroller will be a lifesaver. But if you're going to start with a convertible car seat, that's obviously unnecessary.

  4. That highchair is the coolest one I've ever seen! Wow! I love it.
    So many of my friends swear by the FP Rock n' Play...I have bought a few for friends.
    Thank you for sharing all these great finds, Krystyn!
    Wishing you a better, more relaxed week. You're in my thoughts!

  5. My assvice (as above, feel free to ignore) is not to buy ANYTHING like jumperoos and swing seats till your wee one is ready for them and has had a go of someone else's. I leapt at all sorts of things I thought my son would love and they're almost all in a cupboard or passed on to someone else. Thankfully I tried him in the jumperoo before getting one and he SCREAMED. Wish I'd done the same with the very expensive musical swing chair I got him - like mbet's babies, he hated it. Thank goodness we didn't spend lots of money on the lovely cradle he had - my sister-in-law handed it on to us - because he hated that too and we ended up buying a dirt-cheap moses basket which he stayed in till he went into a cot. Also, like mbet, I found having a travel system brilliant - the frame took a carrycot for when he was tiny, the car seat for when he was sound asleep when we got somewhere and I didn't want to wake him and then turned into a buggy when we were past all that. A playring/nest is brilliant for when they're almost sitting up. A baby carrier can be a godsend - my wee one hated being put down and I did housework with him in it or I'd have got nothing done! Will shut up now :-).

  6. I won a Mamaroo last year!! My youngest was too old for it when I won it, so I let my sister borrow it for her son. He didn't like it, but I am eager to try it when my little one arrives. Hmmmm...that reminds me. I have to get the bouncy seat back from my parents' house!

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  8. Woah, all these products are great, but I would go with mamaroo infant bouncer and that great wing back rocker. I would rock all day :)