Friday, March 30, 2012

Sick As A Dog

I knew that I wasn't going to escape this year without getting sick at least once. With the temps being in the 80's one day, and the 30's the next, it was bound to happen. Monday night I started with this constant dry cough that I thought was caused by a slight tickle in my throat. Tuesday morning I woke up and I noticed that my entire pelvis was tender and had a huge mass on the right side. If you even put the slightest pressure on it I would go through the roof! I decided to call my MFM to make sure that it was normal. Just to be on the safe side they had me come in later that afternoon. By the time I got there the cough was worse and I was starting to feel pretty crappy. Since they got me in last minute I was forced to see the nurse practitioner. I was okay with this until a NP student walked in, without the actual NP and started asking me a bunch of questions. She walked out to give report to the actual NP, walked back in 5 minutes later and offered me physical therapy. What?!?! I hastily declined and was so upset with the care I just walked out. Apparently they thought that the pain was caused by all the coughing (which I agree with) but no one even palpated where I had the pain or checked it in any way. They didn't check my temp (despite the fact that I was running a fever) or listen to my lungs, considering I am partly high risk due to my severe asthma. I just walked out. I think my husband was more pissed than I was. By the time the evening came around I was feeling worse. I couldn't get my fever under control so I called the on-call doc and they told me to take Tylenol every four hours around the clock. Even with the Tylenol I couldn't get my temp much below 101.

By Wednesday morning I was not only running a fever, I also couldn't breathe. I was using my nebulizer and not getting much relief. I decided to call my Immunologist to see what he suggested. Apparently he was off that day but they still paged him for me. He was not happy in the least that the NP never checked me so he put in a phone call to the Chief MFM. He then called me back and started me on an antibiotic and Prednisone. After almost four days with a fever that just wouldn't quit, it finally broke early this morning. I still followed up with my Immunologist today as he wanted to make sure that my breathing was stable. Besides sounding like crap, my O2 levels were good and he was comfortable having me go home with some additional meds for my nebulizer. Just having the fever gone is a blessing. Now I just need to get my lungs to get rid of all this gunk so I can breathe again...and not have to be glued to my nebulizer all the time.

I have to say that, despite having shoulder surgery last week, my husband has been amazing. He gets very nervous when my asthma gets as bad as it did, but he now knows the routine and is able to setup both my machine and my medicine for it. He made sure that I was taking my meds as I should and was even going out of his way to make sure that I (and the baby) was eating and drinking enough. Also, for a man who never cooked a day in his life before he met me I was quite proud of his meal preparation skills. I hit the jackpot when I met him!!


  1. krystyn, i'm so sorry to hear everything you've been going through. but very happy to hear you're in good hands. you've got yourself a sweetheart <3 i hope that he's been feeling better each day from the surgery! you'll remain in my prayers!
    take it easy!

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