Monday, March 5, 2012

Shower Planning

After talking with my mom, it was decided that it was time to start looking into venues for my shower. I live in a very touristy city (small city), so during the summer months things tend to book up pretty fast. Since I have been pregnant so many times, I have had a really long time to dream up the perfect shower. Even though the shower is being put on for me by a number of people, I still need to have control over, well, everything. Being a Type A OCD Perfectionist, I need to have my hands in everything. I have a vision!

First off, my doctor recommended that I have my shower by 28 weeks as my risk of going on strict bedrest dramatically increases after that. I will be 28 weeks on June 5th, so I chose the date of June 2nd for the shower. The venue that I chose has always been a favorite place of mine as the grounds are absolutely gorgeous and really exemplifies the city that I live in. The venue that I chose is at the golf course near where I live.

I absolutely love this place. The city that I live in is known for its summer horse racing so my husband and I frequent this place after a day at the track or after a day downtown as they have a superb restaurant. The back of the building overlooks the lush grass of the golf course and its many ponds.

When I met with the site coordinator, I got to tour the three different locations throughout the venue to actually have the shower. The first room that she showed me was nice, but could only accommodate up to 50 people. The second was a veranda which consisted of covered terrace that opened up into uncovered patio. I really liked this spot but I wasn't fond of how narrow the covered part was. It was definitely big enough to accommodate 60+ guests, but I felt that my guests would be too spread out. The next room was the ball room where they have all of their larger events, including weddings.

This was the room that I ultimately feel in love with. I loved the vaulted ceiling, the rich gold tones, and the overall openness of the room. I have always dreamed of doing a French inspired baby shower as I am obsessed with French culture and would even like to raise my children to be bilingual with their second language being French (although my husband is afraid that we are going to talk about him). Over the past couple of years I have collected ideas from different websites that I thought would fit great with this French theme. I would really like to do a black and white toile design but I am thinking about pairing a purple with a pale green for a color scheme that is soothing and fresh. I am really up in the air about this.
(This is easily created using wired vines).

(Lilac colored blooms in mason jars)
(Lace Parasols)

These are just some of the ideas that I have dreamed up over the past three years. The most important aspect of this shower is to celebrate this little miracle that is growing inside me. I still think back to when I thought having a biological child would never be possible, we were working with an adoption agency on domestic adoption. I really thought my dream of carrying my own biological child was over. On occasion, I read the "Dear Birthmother" letter that my husband and I wrote and it really reminds me how much we wanted to be parents together. I can't even get through the first couple of paragraphs without crying each time. It is also a wonderful reminder of the wonderful man that I married and how he is the center of my universe. I love him more than words could ever express...he is everything to me. I still can't believe that in a few short months we will have a new addition to join our loving family. Truly a blessing!


  1. I love everything French too :)

    Your ideas are fab. So in love with the parasols!!!!

  2. So excited for you to be planning your shower! LOVE the venue, and your ideas. I'm glad you are enjoying all of this. You deserve it!

  3. It is so wonderful to hear the joy dripping from your words. Your shower ideas are beautiful. I'm sure it is going to be a celebration to remember.

  4. Looks beautiful! I might have to borrow that "bebe" idea ;)
    Cheering you along ...