Friday, March 9, 2012

It's A...

Today I am 15 weeks 3 days and had my appointment with the MFM. My appointment started with an ultrasound to check my cervix. Of course they wanted to check the baby too so I was very happy that I was going to get another picture. I told the tech that we had an elective ultrasound coming up so I asked her if there was any possible way that she could tell us the gender today. Apparently the baby had his/her hand over their face and was sitting Indian style. The tech started poking the baby with the wand but could only get a shot between the legs when the baby kicked back. She said that she could only give us a guess and asked us if we wanted to know. I couldn't stand the suspense so I agreed. She reminded me that it was only a guess. After the transabdominal ultrasound, the MFM came in to do a vaginal one to check my cervix. Happily, my cervix is measuring exactly the same as it was 3 1/2 weeks ago. I was very pleased. She then decided to focus again between the legs as the baby had moved. We got a nice clear shot between the legs and the gender was confirmed!!! My husband and I couldn't be happier!

After my ultrasound we had my actual appointment. It was decided that I am starting the p17 injections on Tuesday at exactly 16 weeks. My insurance was going to cover the brand name made by Makena which costs $1500 a dose (ridiculous) but it would have to be dispensed by my doctor which means that I would have to go every Tuesday to get a shot in my ass. I decided that I would go with the compounded version of the p17 (which is FDA approved) so I could administer them to myself at home. The conversation then transitioned to my job. They told me that it would probably be best for me to stop working next week and were all set to right me the letter of disability today. They are basing this on my clotting disorder, immunological issues, and the fact that if I do develop IC, there nothing that can be done to keep me from completely dilating and going into full blown labor before the baby is even viable. I wasn't happy with this so I asked a bunch of questions and worked something out with them. It was decided that we are going to wait until we get the results from my immunological testing on Monday and also to see what the Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine says as he was the one who wanted to take me out early and he was out sick today. I am actually planning on not dealing with this until my next appointment which is in less than two weeks. If my immunological blood work comes back okay indicating that I don't need to start IvIg transfusions again and if my cervix remains the same, I really want to take this in two week intervals. If I have little to no immunity or my cervix starts to shorten I will stop working in a heartbeat! She did say today that even if I manage to continue working for now, that they may just take me out of work at 24 weeks anyway. We will see. I am determined to work as long as possible (as long as my pregnancy isn't in jeopardy from it) as I want to stay productive. We also found out today that my screening for Downs Syndrome came back as 1:3900 (which is awesome) and I tested negative for Trisomy 13 and 18. They drew my AFP today to check for neural tube defects but for some reason I am not really worried about this. They already ruled out Anecephaly so really the only thing left is Spina Bifida and so far they said the baby's spine looks normal.

I go back for another appointment on the 22rd (which happens to be 1 day after my husbands shoulder surgery) at which time they will check my cervix and also do my level II ultrasound. I will also see the MFM again and reevaluate my work status. We also found out today that my husbands heart surgery is scheduled for Friday April 27th. The day before the surgery he has to go to the hospital as they need to do an echo where they make him swallow a camera so they can map out the structures of the heart for the procedure the following day. They have to sedate him for this so he is not happy. The doctor said that the first part of the surgery will take 4-5 hours and the second part with be an additional 1-2 hours. I am going to be a mess not knowing for 5-7 hours what is going on. I am telling the doctor that someone needs to come out every once in a while and let me know that everything is okay. I am not a patient person!! I am looking forward to the time when all of this is behind us and we can completely focus on the upcoming arrival of our little miracle!!


  1. How exciting!! You are SO LUCKY!! I say GIRL from the Profile!! I will be stalking you until you post birth pics and probably well after LOL!! Love the posts..

  2. So cute how the baby was sitting with his/her legs crossed up :) glad you got to find out though, I'll be waiting to hear!

  3. What great news you got today! And how exciting to find out the gender! I'm going to guess girl... :)))

  4. I'm so happy you and your husband are so thrilled with your news!! :)
    Very excited for you, Krystyn! Have a great weekend!


  5. I put in my vote for girl, too. So glad things are going so well! :-)

    Good luck with your husband's surgery!