Monday, March 12, 2012

Good News

Today was my follow up appointment with the Immunologist. We were waiting on my recent immune panel to come back to determine my level of immune function and also to see if I needed to restart the IvIg transfusions. I was very nervous on my way to the office as Dr. C already told me that if my labs came back low that I was being taken out of work right away. Dr. C walked in, saat down, and starting asking me about my asthma. Since he started me on Symbicort and took me off of the Serevent and Pulmicort, my asthma has been doing quite well. I went from using my rescue inhaler 3-4 times a day, to only a few times a week. He was quite pleased and said that it was good that we got it under control now as he is expecting it to get worse as I go along in this pregnancy. One thing that he did say is that he is sending a letter to my MFM recommending that my delivery be scheduled for as soon as the baby's lungs are mature. He said going full term is in no way an option for me. Next he moved onto the immune panel. He was delighted to tell me that my immune function has improved greatly. He said it was quite odd that my immune function became better with pregnancy. Apparently my body likes being pregnant! No IvIg is needed and there is absolutely no reason for me to come out of work at this time based on immunological issues. I go back in two months to recheck my immune function.

So all in all, today was filled with good news. My next hurdle is convincing my MFMs that I can continue working. As long as everything stays as stable as it is right now, I think I will be able to keep pushing them off for a while. I go back on the 22nd so I guess that time will tell. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. I am so glad that everything is looking so good right now! Yay for your immune system actually liking pregnancy! You deserve some good news after all you've been through. :-)

  2. yay for great news and for a wonderful dr who is so honest and real with you!!
    very happy for you!!
    maria <3

    1. Yay! I was doing the happy dance for you as I read this! Praying more positive things come your way:-)

  3. Excellent news good luck with the MFM :)

  4. How early a delivery, do you know? My oldest was born naturally at
    35 weeks and only needed 3 extra days in the hospital for jaundice and weight gain. I am glad for good news for you!!