Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Big Anatomy Scan

I have been so nervous about this day for a very long time. The anxiety leading up to this scan was almost unbearable. I knew if something was wrong that this is when we would discover it. To my dismay, they switched things around and I had to meet with the MFM before my scan which delayed my anxiety even more. I was actually even anxious about this appointment as I was concerned what was going to come of my decision to stay on the 17P injections (see here). I went in armed with a letter that I had written and a bunch of journal articles to back up my decision. The MFM that originally decided to start the 17P is actually who I saw today. This topic was obviously the first thing that I addressed. I told her that I was confused and was not thrilled that the NP called me to tell me that their decision was based on journals that indicate that 17P was only indicated after a second trimester loss. She said that was not the case and their decision was actually a collaborative decision based on my previous internal exams. All three of the MFMs have observed me internally so they all came to discuss their findings. What drove their decision to discontinue the 17P was the amount of scar tissue I have. They actually think that my cervix won't even dilate when I go into labor and have decided that a Cesarean section is probably in my future. They said my cervix is so hard, closed, and scarred over that they are not worried right now about incompetent cervix or preterm labor. Since they are still going to monitor me every other week and have assured me on all of this, I have decided to stop the 17P...for now. They still took the letter I wrote and the journal articles for review. I have decided that I am going to see how things go and if I don't like how things are progressing with my cervix, I will restart the 17P. I am content with this decision...for now. They also informed me today that they will not let me go past 39 weeks and this makes me VERY happy.

So, onto my anatomy scan...

I was completely nauseous waiting for the scan to start. The tech was very optimistic when she came in and told me that she would explain everything to me as she went along. As soon as she placed the probe on my belly, would saw that our "Little Cannoli" (LC) was in position as usual...breech and wedged into a corner of my uterus. The tech started poking the baby with the probe and it finally moved and gave us a bit of an attitude...again...

As you can see LC decided to look at us like "hey, what the hell are you doing!" The tech was then able to start with the measurements. We got a few more pictures along the way as well.

(looking at the camera yet again)

(LC sucking its thumb)

We were able to see that the kidneys were perfect and functioning well; the brain looked normal; the heart was absolutely perfect and we got to watch the valves open and close; there was a perfect three vessel cord; cord insertion was perfect; and everything (all the bones) were measuring within five days of my gestational age which is great! LC is still measuring two days behind and has been since my 5 week ultrasound but obviously that is no big deal. LC is weighing in at 6oz. Based on that we are in the 45th percentile which is perfect. All in all things went perfectly. My cervix even grew quite a bit and is not measuring in at 4.1cm as it was 3.1cm last visit. We also confirmed today that those lightening vaginal pains that I have been getting is LC kicking my cervix. Great!!

So after all that worrying everything is just fine. I go back for another ultrasound in two weeks to check my cervix and then have another growth scan two weeks after that. I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have an ultrasound every two weeks. I do not envy those that have to wait 8+ weeks in between ultrasounds. I think I would buy my own ultrasound machine if that was the case. Ugh!

For now I am letting myself start to feel the joy that I should be feeling with this pregnancy. The fear is starting to lift as the reality of this pregnancy is starting to set in. Five months ago I would have told you that I didn't think that my dream of being a mom would ever come true, but now it looks as though I was wrong. Life is good and I couldn't be anymore thankful for my Little Cannoli!


  1. "For now I am letting myself start to feel the joy that I should be feeling with this pregnancy. " YAY!!!!! This, just this, is excellent news. So glad too that your cannoli is looking perfect in every way : )




  2. wonderful, joyful, exciting news, krystyn!
    i'm so glad everything went well and that you are breathing sweet sighs of relief <3
    may good news continue <3

  3. Great news!!! Glad everything is perfect :)

  4. What an adorable little cannoli! I can't wait to get to the point in my pregnancy when I can "start to feel the joy that I should be feeling." As for ultrasounds every other week, that is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment as well. So happy everything is progressing nicely.

  5. Lovely news! Congratulations, and happy ICLW.

  6. Happy ICLW. Congratulations on the great scan. I'm glad that are starting to feel joy in the pregnancy, and hope that each ultrasound brings you more confidence in bringing yoour LC home :).

    ICLW #44

  7. Hi from ICLW! I'm in upstate NY too. Congrats on a great scan!