Tuesday, March 27, 2012

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Size of Baby: This week the baby is approximately 6 inches long crown to rump (similar to a mango) and weighs around 6.7oz ounces.

Picture of Baby: Ultrasound taken at 17+2. My sweet Little Cannoli sucking its thumb!

Maternity Clothes: I have been struggling with what to wear with the weather being 83 one day, and 39 the next. I have learned that I need to buy more layering pieces. I did manage to score a really cute black fitted dress from Pea in the Pod. Now all I need is a pair of Mama Spanx!

Weight Gain:  At my appointment last Thursday I was officially up 11 pounds. I guess that isn't too bad considering almost half of my pregnancy is over. My MFM was pleased with my weight so I will try to focus on that. I have struggled with my weight all of my life (see this post) so seeing the numbers steadily increase is sometimes difficult. I am holding steady in a size 10 so that makes me feel a bit better.

Belly: I was sick today, fever and all, so I would not let my husband take a picture of my god-awful face. I also just realized how chubby my arms are getting. Yuck!!

Stretch Marks: None yet.

Sleep: Sleep is such an odd thing now. Some nights I fall asleep right away and only wake up to pee. Other nights I am awake all night, which is a killer the next day.

Best Moment of the Week: Being told that my baby looks perfect during my anatomy scan.

Movement: Although I haven't felt any belly movement, we did confirm during my transvaginal ultrasound to check my cervix that the Little Cannoli is kicking my cervix which is causing these annoying lightening type pains.

Symptoms: The new thing that I am dealing with is sciatica. I get this dull ache in my right butt cheek followed by a shooting numbness down my right leg. It has literally knocked me to the floor a few times.

Food Cravings: Fried pickles with cucumber wasabi sauce. So yummy!!

Gender: Still not telling. Only 10 weeks until our big reveal!

What I Miss: Being able to bend over. I am still able to semi-bend over but it is quite uncomfortable. I now have to sit down to buckle or tie my shoes.

What I'm Looking Forward to: My next appointment on the 5th. Since I agreed to stop the 17P, I am a bit nervous to see what my cervix does in the two weeks without it. They have assured me that my cervix is so scarred that it won't open (probably not even for birth) so I am trying to focus on that.

Nursery:  I will know on Wednesday that install date for the wood floor. The first two flooring choices were backordered so we had to pick out yet another color.

Weekly Wisdom: Count everyday as a blessing!

Milestones: Getting through the anatomy scan. My next big milestone will be making it to 24 weeks...viability!


  1. ...And how exciting to have a baby bump! :-)

  2. happy 18 weeks, krystyn! :) i love visiting your page and seeing the good news!
    i'm sorry to hear about the sciatica. ughh, i had a bit of that five years ago...it is not fun. i hope it eases up on you.
    you look amazing. i don't see any ounce of chub...just adorable baby :)
    i hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a relaxing weekend <3

  3. What an adorable bump!!! I love the picture of her(?) sucking her thumb. ;) Couldn't help but make a guess. I'm really glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. Miss you.