Sunday, February 26, 2012

What A Weekend!

Sorry it has taken me so long to follow up and thank you to everyone who sent me private messages just to make sure that I was okay. Love you guys!!

Friday during my lunch I went for my first appointment with my new Immunologist. Unbeknownst to me,  he is the head of Immunology at the medical center. The first thing he did when he walked into the room was give me a hug and tell me how sorry he was for everything that I have been through. He told me that he and Dr. K, my MFM, had a long discussion about me and are going to work together to make sure I give birth to a healthy baby. He went over my long history to make sure he had a good grasp on everything. It was decided that not only is he going to handle my immunological issues, he is also going to take over the care for my asthma. Since my asthma is not well controlled and seems to be getting worse as this pregnancy progresses, he switched around my medication regimen. He told me that I am using my Ventolin way too much (3-4 times a day) so obviously what I was doing was controlling things well enough. He discontinued my Serevent and Pulmicort and started me on Symbicort. He also told me that I need to start using my nebulizer when I am home and need Ventolin. My inhaler should only be used when I am out and about. He is also concerned with the state of my immune system. He has decided that if my blood work comes back similar to what it was last time, that I will start on monthly IvIg transfusions until birth and he will immediately pull me out of work. Apparently Dr. K is in full agreement with this. If things have improved, we will take things in two week intervals and go from there. I asked him if I should notify my job about this and he told me to hold off as anything can happen. Just in case this does happen, I am going to work my butt off over the next three weeks so that everything is kosher and my company doesn't have to stress about my accounts. I work for a very understanding company, and I do quite well, so I don't thing they will give me any problems. I have every intention to return to work after my maternity leave.

My husband also had his surgical consult on Friday and luckily I was able to manipulate my schedule to be in the area of his doctor at that time as his appointment was the last of the day. What has been decided is that we are going to proceed with the surgery (both cardiac procedures at once) but if he does end up needing rotator cuff surgery, he will have to do that first. After the cardiac surgery he will be on high dose blood thinners for six months so obviously no other surgeries could be performed during that time. Since his cardiac surgeon knows that we are pregnant, he recommended having the shoulder surgery first, as that is about a six week recovery, and then scheduling the heart surgery for a few weeks after. On Friday, the orthopedic surgeon called and requested that my husband come in on Monday as they want to discuss the results of the MRI. Since they made it a point to call, I am assuming (I hope that I am wrong) that he does require surgery. We will know tomorrow for sure.

On Saturday I gave in and decided that it was time to tell family about this pregnancy. My husband has been so excited so I decided that I wasn't being fair to him by not wanting to tell anyone. We went out to dinner with his parents and his sister and her family and my husband announced it then. After dinner, we went to my parents house and told them. Overall, things went well given my anxiety about this. This afternoon, we made it Facebook official. I made a very tasteful announcement which seemed to go over quite well. After all of this was done, the panic started to set in. I immediately started worrying that something might happen as a result of all of this...a ridiculous superstition, I know. Again, thank God for my doppler! As soon as the probe touched my belly I heart the sweet sound of my babies heart pounding away. Overall it was a pretty decent weekend, I am just happy that it is over!


  1. Visiting for ICLW! I think a lot of women in the ALI community fear announcing their pregnancy/adoption to the world. It feels like its inviting trouble. It sounds like you have some amazing doctors looking after you! I pray that you continue to have a safe and health pregnancy and that your husband's surgeries go well!

    ICLW #80

  2. Sounds like you have a great team in your corner! Good luck with your husband's shoulder and cardiac surgery, and congratulations on announcing! :-)

  3. I'm glad the immunologist is so great on his own and that he's working so well with your MFM!!

    ICLW #6

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