Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Update

My husband had his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today and he does in fact have a torn rotator cuff, actually, multiple tears. The surgeon said that he could hold off for a while and do physical therapy if the timing was inconvenient for surgery, but he said that surgery is inevitable. He decided to go ahead and book the surgery which is now scheduled for March 21st. This was actually good as I will be able to get in my 16 week appointment and the follow-up with my Immunologist before then. The orthopedic surgeon said that it was safe to schedule his cardiac surgery for anytime the last week of April or beyond. He called the cardiac surgeon today to let him know, hoping that we can get everything scheduled now so we can make arrangements for help if need be.

I am glad that this is all getting done, I just wish there wasn't so much involved with the health of this pregnancy to add to the mix.

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