Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Nursery

This evening we met with the contractor to go over my ideas with the nursery. We used this contractor last summer as we needed over 700sqft of hardwood replaced (even though the floor was only 2 years old) as we had pretty extensive damage to our floor from a Holiday gathering. Apparently someone had a nail sticking out of their heel, and that left hundreds of puncture marks all over my floor. All of the cabinets and appliances had to be ripped out, which made me so nervous, but in the end you couldn't even tell that my kitchen and breakfast nook was ripped apart for two weeks. As a bonus we even had them put on fancy base and shoe moldings around the cabinets and center island.

I went over my ideas about the crown, chair, and picture frame molding. He said that with how the windows and doors are spaced, that picture frame molding would be difficult. He also pointed out that my furniture would cover up much of the picture frame molding. They could do it, but he said that I wouldn't like it. My other idea was to do wainscoting with a chair rail. He really liked that idea. He does not use that ghetto paneling crap, but actually constructs it piece by piece. Here are some examples taken from the model home in the community that I live in:

(I took these pictures when we first starting working with our former contractor to build our house. I always loved this look and actually contemplated putting it in our master suite.)

The contractor decided that it was probably best for me to meet with his interior designer as he said that I need to determine the height of the wainscoting, pick out the crown that I want and I also need to pick out what hardwood floor I want installed.

I do know that we are going to paint above the wainscoting either a pink or a blue, obviously depending on gender. Here is what I picked out:
(Caribbean Coast)
(Pink Ribbon)

I have to say that these samples look much richer than the actual color. The blue is much softer, and actually, so is the pink. These colors are from the 2012 Pottery Barn Kids Collection by Benjamin Moore. 

I had a difficult time deciding what furniture to go with (since I had years to change my mind) but I think I finally made my decision. The crib and the changing table system are from Pottery Barn Kids as well. 
(Madison 3-in-1 Crib)
(Madison Changing Table System)

I absolutely love these pieces as they coordinate well with the rest of my house. My husband was unsure about the changing table system, but we used room designing software and it will actually fit nicely against the largest wall. The crib bedding is something that I have been struggling with. I knew that I wanted to do a nautical theme for a boy all along as my family owns a Marina and I pretty much grew up on a boat. Bedding for a girl has been much harder for me. I wanted to go traditional, but I don't want everything to be pink. The bedding that I have finally decided on has a few different colors in it including chocolate brown which ties into the decor throughout the rest of the house. Here is what we picked out for a boy:

And here is what we chose if we have a girl:

The boat bedding is the Row Your Boat collection and the girl bedding is the Penelope collection, both from Pottery Barn Kids. God I love that store!!

We will be meeting with the interior designer sometime next week so we should have our plans solidified within the next few weeks. We are planning on starting the nursery after my husbands shoulder surgery but before his heart surgery. It will probably be sometime around Week 20. My MFM told me to have everything done, as much as I can, by 28 weeks because the risk of me going on strict bedrest is there. I would rather be safe than sorry. 

So there you have it. Once construction starts the nursery will be a secured room as we are not revealing the gender until the shower. I am starting to get excited, but for some reason when I make a big move like this, I start to panic. I immediately become fearful that something horrible is going to happen. I guess it is time to put on my big girl panties and accept that I am going to have a baby. I will get there, somehow, someway...


  1. Lovely choices! It is funny to think that you are farther along now on your nursery than I am...and Ian turns three months old in two days. Oh well. We are doing a light blue and chocolate brown color scheme for the nursery and I can tell you it is VERY easy to find lots of room accessories in those colors. I'm glad to see you enjoying the decorating.

    1. Thanks! My OCD is getting the best of me so I needed to find somewhere to put my energy. Can't wait to see pictures of your nursery!

  2. Beautiful choices! I loved watching Eva's room come together it's my favorite room in our whole house. Before she was born I teared up every time I walked in there just imagining her in there. Enjoy it!

    1. I know what you mean Elaine. Sometimes I just go and sit in there and try to imagine what it will be like in just a few short months. I find that I do this when I become overwhelmed with fear, and it just seems to help to sit in there and focus on a positive end result.

  3. Love the choices you've made. Super cute! Pottery Barn Kids is my fav! We have done wainscoting in our daughter's nursery as well, however we chose a dark espresso color for her furniture since the wainscoting was white. The white furniture I had picked first seemed to blend in with the rest of the room.