Friday, February 17, 2012

Good News, Bad News

I will start with the good news. It is actually really good news. Around 11am I received a call from our genetic counselor. If you remember, she was going to let us know the preliminary results from the blood work that accompanied the NT scan. If our risk of Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18 were less than 1:300 the results would just say "pending" until the second blood draw at 15 weeks. If the ratio was greater than that we would know the actual number than be advised to proceed with a CVS. I am so happy to report that our results were "pending", so this means that we have less than a third of a percent of having a baby with one of these disorders. I am so relieved. I can't believe that it looks like we finally have a healthy baby on board. Now, if they can just figure out what to do with my cervix! Apparently my MFM office still hasn't done the referral for the second opinion as the nurse forgot about it yesterday and by the time she remembered today, the MFM had already left. She told me that it will be done on Monday. In a half joking way, I said that I hope the doctors don't get mad when a patient requests a second opinion. The nurse said "well I don't know, maybe they do". What? I am trying to ignore that comment as this is not the time to worry about what others think. She then said "well, you are only asking for a second opinion. Its not like you are transferring care". Um, no kidding! Again, I am getting a second opinion as I need to either hear the same thing my MFM told me, or learn about other options. Now matter what, I would stay with my current group. I just want another set of eyes to look at my situation. I am absolutely positive that if the other MFM figured out a way to get a stitch in my cervix, that my MFM would be all for it.

Ok, now for the not so great news. At the end of the day I had my appointment with my Endocrinologist as he is keeping a close eye on my blood sugars and my thyroid. As I was driving to my appointment I started feeling a bit tired, almost so much that I felt confused. I suddenly found myself sweating so I thought that maybe a "morning sickness" episode was coming on so once I pulled into the parking lot, I sat in my car for a few minutes to make sure I was okay. I still didn't feel right so I went in for my appointment. My office just recently switched over to electronic medical records so they had to update my information. The secretary was asking me a series of questions when I had this sudden urge to just sit down. I was trying hard to hide the fact that something was obviously wrong. She then asked me for my insurance card so I took my wallet out of my purse and started digging for it. I suddenly realized that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and all of a sudden I had this loud hum in my ears and I couldn't hear anything. My doctor was standing behind her and I was just starring at him. He yelled my name, I started crying, and that is the last thing that I remember. Down I went! Apparently they dragged me from the waiting room onto the floor of one of the exam rooms. My blood pressure was a bit low but what had happened is that my blood sugar bottomed out. When they took it, it was 54. They had me chew up four glucose tablets which took about 20 minutes to take effect. After I was coherent enough to proceed with my appointment, they got me off of the floor, moved me to another room, and my doctor came in and we started going over things. This is only the second hypoglycemic episode that I have had this month so I am not sure what happened. I ate a balanced carb/protein meal so I am not sure why my blood sugar bottomed out. I did tell him that I have been craving carbs like crazy with this pregnancy, but he told me that I need to avoid them, unless of course they are low on the glycemic index and eaten with a protein. He also said that my blood sugars after meals are borderline for gestational diabetes and that if I can't get them under control in the next four weeks, insulin will be in my future. I don't want to take insulin, I would much rather stay on the Glucophage for the remainder of my pregnancy. I did ask for permission for one last splurge as my husband and I have tickets to a Mac & Cheese tasting tomorrow. I can go, but that is it for me. I was so embarrassed about my little episode but so glad that the office was so nice about it. Apparently I scared the crap out of the secretary as she came up to me after and gave me a big hug and told me to never do that again. I felt so bad! Oh well, it could always be worse, right?


  1. Omygoodness, Krystyn! That sounds so scary! I'm so glad you're alright!
    Congratulations on the happy news!
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the mac n' cheese!

  2. How scary! Glad it happened in the doctor's office and not while you were driving! After my 2nd miscarriage and subsequent D&C to stop the hemorrhaging, I was filling out my discharge papers when the same thing happened to me. Completely passed out. I've also had several episodes of the buzzing ears and the blackness coming upon me as my blood sugar suddenly plummets this pregnancy, though every glucose test I take comes back "fine." My GP says I'm borderline hypoglycemic.

    Cinnamon is supposed to help regulate blood sugar, as well as coconut oil. Since I started taking coconut oil regularly (in my smoothies) I haven't had an episode.

  3. Try Dreamfields pasta..Its made for Diabetics and will never know the diff