Thursday, February 23, 2012

Follow Up with the MFM

Today I went in to see a different MFM to have her evaluate the state of my cervix. To my dismay, she said the same exact thing the Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine told me. She said that my cervix is flush with my vagina, therefore, there is nothing to stitch. She reiterated that what I do have of a cervix (the part above the vagina that is connected to the uterus) is actually quite long, and is still hard and closed. I am going to be starting Progesterone-17 injections in two weeks and these will help to keep the cervix long and also prevent preterm labor. The pessary is still on option but they only want to do it if absolutely necessary as it is associated with infections that can actually cause preterm labor. Speaking of infections...they found that I have bacterial vaginosis. I just casually mentioned the abundance of discharge that I am having so they decided to take a look. I am now on Flagyl (yuck!) for the next seven days with two doses of Diflucan as apparently the Flagyl will cause a yeast infection. I have also been restricted from all air travel which means that I will not be attending a meeting that I had in April in Naples Florida. I was actually looking very forward to this meeting, but right now my focus needs to be this baby. Tomorrow at lunchtime I have my first appointment with the Immunologist that my MFM wanted me to see. He will determine if I will need to restart the monthly IvIg transfusions. At the end of the day is my husband's appointment with the surgeon to get clearance to schedule his heart surgery. I will feel better once I know the full details as I am not the type of person who can deal with "unknowns".

On a different note, it looks like we may finally be announcing our pregnancy this weekend...if I don't chicken out at the last minute. We are going out to dinner with my husband's family on Saturday so the plan is to tell them there. We will then go over to my parent's house to tell them. I am very uneasy about telling people but I am now at the point where this pregnancy is getting hard to hide. I am showing early as I have a posterior placenta, plus I had stomach surgery when I was 16 that destroyed my abdominal wall (I have a beautiful 12 inch scar that runs from my sternum to my belly button) so I don't have the ability to physically hold in my stomach. So yeah, I am getting big fast. 

I will post another update tomorrow evening after my Immunology appointment and my husbands surgical consult.


  1. Sounds like you are getting great care and glad you were able to get the second opinion. Have fun announcing this weekend!

  2. Good luck with the immunology consult. Glad to hear you were able to get the second opinion on your cervix. While the news isn't great, I am sure it also gives you peace of mind to have the two corroborating opinions. Glad they caught the's always so tricky to know what is normal and what's not in terms of discharge during pregnancy. I never really formally announced to most people, I think my belly just announced to itself before I got the chance:)

  3. Here for ICLW! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  4. Hi there, visting from ICLW.

    If you have any hint of autoimmunity and thyroid issues (and PCOS? I have not read your backstory), I would really urge you get your Vitamin D3 levels tested and monitored during pregnancy, because a deficiency (incredibly common during pregnancy) puts you (and your baby) at a risk for a lot of adverse outcomes, and it also is one those things that is increasingly acknowledged as a natural regulatory mechanism for autoimmunity-- more info on my blog, if you are interested.

    Best of luck with this pregnancy, I hope it proceeds absolutely minus any hitches:)

    Jay, ICLW # 16

  5. Happy ICLW!
    I hope your appointment went well and that your news is received really well by your family.

  6. Happy ICLW! I would love to share your inferility success story when you're ready to share it! Here's the info:
    Thanks in advance!