Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14 Weeks (and Other Fun Stuff!)

It is so funny. Every week I can't wait to hit the following week, and when I do, I immediately start praying for next week to hurry up and get here. I can't believe that we are 14 weeks today! Only (I say only) ten more weeks until we hit viability. I am completely obsessed with hitting 24 weeks. I am not sure why, but I have decided that is my first goal. When I hit it, I will probably become obsessed with 30 weeks or 32 weeks. Who knows!!

I thought that I would make this post a little lighthearted and share some of the ideas I have had for the nursery. I am finally allowing myself to plan things which is making my husband happy. Tomorrow evening, a contractor who does new home construction and remodels in our area, will be coming over to help us design the nursery.
 (This is a view from the doorway facing the front of the house).
(This is facing towards the hallway. The door is to the right of the closet. And yes, that is my keyboard).

The bedroom is a bit on the smaller side (11x13) but it is what we have to work with. The other spare room I considered using as the nursery, which is our guest room, is at the back of the house and doesn't get the beautiful morning sun like this one does. Plus it only has one large window (72x60) as opposed to the three windows this room has. What I would like to do in this room is to add in crown molding, chair rail, and then picture frame molding. 
Here is an example (this is our dining room) where we added the chair rail with picture frame molding. I know that I want to paint above the chair rail a very light pink or blue (yup, I am going all traditional) but I am not sure if I want to paint inside each picture frame a darker pink or blue or keep it all white so the room stays looking larger. We are also undecided if we are keeping the carpet or putting down hardwood. Our house is only three years old so the carpet is new and has never really been used, but I am a severe asthmatic and have bad allergies so I am just afraid that my baby will have a hard time like I did as a child with a carpeted bedroom. I almost think that it is better to do it now, but I need to see how expensive that will be. 

Well, this is phase one of Project Nursery. Within the next day or two I will share what furniture and bedding that I picked out (one for each gender). Since we are not sharing the gender of our baby, once construction is underway, things will be top secret. Wow, I can't believe how real things are becoming!!!


  1. Love it! I'm so happy to see you enjoying your pregnancy. You deserve to bask in this happiness, and I am so glad that I am getting to share your happiness with you. (P.S. I never stopped counting down to the next week and the next goal in the pregnancy. I think there's nothing unhealthy about that...we're just Type A's. It's what we do.) Can't wait to see the nursery ideas.

  2. I think chair rail and/or picture frame molding looks nice in a dining room.. where you have extra chairs. People use in nurseries... it looks like a baby room. I guess. I just don't think you see it in many grown up bedrooms for a reason. So, you might want to think about that, and if you are going to want to take it back down in a few years, etc..