Tuesday, February 21, 2012

13 Weeks

Today I am officially 13 weeks pregnant! When I got home from work, I was very anxious as I wanted to be sure that the baby was okay so I whipped out the doppler and took a listen. The heart rate was 168 and sounded nice and strong. I am so happy that the baby seems to be thriving.

I have been waiting to hear from my MFM office regarding the status of the referral for the second opinion on my cervix. I spoke with one of the nurses last Wednesday and then again on Friday who said that it would be done yesterday. Since I didn't hear anything I called today to find out what was going on. Apparently there was a communication issue as the original nurse had told the MFM that I wanted a second opinion on my care, not just for my cervix. Obviously the MFM said that they don't do referrals for "care" in general so it was never done. When I spoke to the other nurse this morning I completely explained my situation and she apologized up and down. She said that she felt bad that she wasn't told the actual reason for referral. So frustrating! (The part that I am having a hard time swallowing is that it was never noted, in the two years that I was doing fertility treatment (which included 3 hysteroscopies, a lap, and an HSG) that the cervix in my vagina was cut off. I just don't understand how this was not picked up on, and now I am being told that there is no cervix. I just don't understand). So finally this afternoon, the nurse called back and the Chief of MFM did the referral and actually didn't mind doing it. I will be calling the other MFM group tomorrow to schedule that appointment. I also have an appointment with my group this Thursday with a MFM that I haven't met yet, to get the specifics on plan for my cervix and to have her take a look at it to see if she thinks a stitch can be placed. I can't wait until 16 weeks to find out because if I am being taken out of work, I need to know in advance, not the day before. 

I am also getting anxious about Friday. I am going to see the Immunologist at the medical center to see if I need to restart the IvIg transfusions. It is just that they take a full day, as the infusion takes 6 hours and then about 90 minutes of prep and cleanup. I am hoping that I don't need it again, but I will do whatever I have to do. Later in the day my husband has an appointment with the cardiac surgeon to go over the full details of the surgery and also to get it booked. I am starting to get anxious about it. It just seems like a lot to handle on top of everything that I am dealing with. I am seriously looking forward to the weekend when this week is far behind me!

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