Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 Weeks

I am officially 11 weeks today!! I didn't check the heartbeat today but yesterday evening it was 176 so we are still going strong. I am trying to only use my doppler every couple of days now as it seems that the baby isn't a fan of it. I could be totally off on this but it seems that as soon as I find the heartbeat and get a nice strong reading, it disappears. I shift the probe a little and I find it again only for it to disappear again. It seems as though the baby is running from it which I think is pretty funny. My doctor said it is safe to use frequently if I just check for the heartbeat so I am not too concerned.

TMI Warning...

I actually ended up back at the doctor today but it was for a very quick appointment. After my Pap smear on Friday I noticed that my discharge had turned more of a yellow color than the typical white or clear. I called late Monday afternoon and left a message with triage as Dr. L told me to call with anything and everything. He said that if I have a question about whether something is normal or not, that I should err on the side of caution and give a call. A nurse called me back at lunchtime today to talk to me about what was going on. I told her I wasn't overly concerned because if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't even care, but I am being extra cautious with this pregnancy because of my past. She said that she completely understood and was glad that I called. She asked if I could come in this afternoon to see the nurse practitioner for a culture. She had to call me back as the regular OB side really isn't supposed to be seeing me anymore as I have been discharged to the MFM group (within their office) but since I have not had my first appointment with them yet, they said it was okay that they saw me. The NP was absolutely awesome and was so nice and reassuring. They did a dip stick on my urine and also looked at a sample from a vaginal scraping under the microscope and she said that everything looked fine. I apologized for wasting their time and she was so nice and told me that I did what I was supposed to do by calling.

With all of this going on we are in the process of scheduling my husband's cardiac surgery. They called today and left a message that the surgeon wants to see him again prior to scheduling the surgery. This is actually a good thing as I have a few questions about how it is going to go post-surgery. We also found out on Monday that it looks like my husband will need rotator cuff surgery as well. We thought he had a simple calcium deposit but the orthopedic surgeon said there was nothing there and suspected a rotator cuff injury. He is being scheduled for an MRI to confirm. The one thing that the surgeon did say is that it is advisable for my husband to have the surgery prior to the baby's arrival. Apparently he won't be able to use his shoulder for about six weeks after the surgery and this would not be a good thing with a newborn at home. So now we are trying to figure out a way to fit in both surgeries between now and July...my poor husband. I just hope that everything goes smoothly with me so it doesn't complicate things more. It never ends!!!


  1. You have alot on your plate right now. I hope everything works itself out with your husband and he gets to feeling better before the little one arrives :) Great news on baby, you have made it so far!

  2. happy 11 weeks, krystyn!! sounds like you're in great hands!!
    you and your family will remain in my prayers! <3
    have a sweet weekend!

  3. Congrats on the 11 week milestone! I'm glad things went well with the doctor and that everything is okay. I'll keep you and Bob in my prayers.