Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sick as a Dog

So I will start off with my eventful lunchtime yesterday. During lunch I had to go in for blood work to get my clotting levels checked again. I used the restroom before I got called back and to my horror there was blood. Not just a little either, something more similar to the start of AF. I starting crying my eyes out and the nurses came running. They immediately brought me back into a room and drew a progesterone level and HCG as they would do if someone was miscarrying. They got the blood that they needed and then said that they wanted to do an ultrasound which was no problem with me. I was terrified as to what I was going to find but there was our baby, perfectly fine with a heart rate of 154bpm. We were able to see the eyes, spine, the arms and legs (although they still look weird) and the amniotic sac which is now surrounding the baby.

Unfortunately Baby B was still quite visible which made me a little sad but I was so grateful that everything else was okay. They searched around to find a source of the bleeding and determined that it was coming from my cervix. They said with all the blood thinners I am on that it is to be expected. They are having me come back in at lunchtime on Friday for a repeat scan just so we can keep a close eye on things.

Yesterday evening I started developing an earache and a sore throat. I knew something was coming but I was hoping that it would be minor. Around 8pm the fever kicked in and I was having a hell of a time controlling it with Tylenol. I was told that if my fever exceeds 101.4 while pregnant that I need to go to the ER as it is detrimental to the baby. With the Tylenol my fever was hovering around 100.6 (which normal wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't pregnant) and the Tylenol was only holding me for about three hours so I wasn't sure what to do. I called our local ER just to ask them what to do as I am a very nervous mom. They told me that I could come in to get evaluated if I wanted, but I really should come in if I couldn't get my fever under control. I set my alarm clock to go off every hour to check my temp. By 3am it was under 100 so I took one final dose of Tylenol and felt comfortable enough to go to sleep. I called in sick today as I still don't feel well and I don't want to push myself and make this worse. It actually worked out as I have to go see my Endocrinologist this afternoon for my monthly appointment as my blood sugars have been running a tad high...even with the medication. 31 weeks 6 days and counting!!!


  1. I gasped when I read that you were bleeding. What a relief seeing that the baby is bee bopping along. That had to be hard to see baby b :(. I hope you feel better soon and congrats on little bean doing well.

  2. How scary! I'm glad that baby a is okay, but I'm sorry it was so hard to see baby b again. And I'm glad you were able to take the day off today and avoid a trip to the ER last night. I hope you feel all better, *soon*!