Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today was another sick day for me. I still felt like absolute crap this morning so I decided to listen to my doctor's recommendations on taking it easy until I was better. I actually started feeling better this evening and I am planning on working long as the fever continues to stay away. In the middle of feeling like complete ass, I had my monthly appointment with my Endocrinologist yesterday. It was eventful as usual. He was not happy that my TSH increased to above 2.0 given that I am on 50mcg of Synthroid...he said it needs to be closer to 1.5 and definitely under 2.0. He wanted me to talk to my doctor in Manhattan (Dr. Braverman) about increasing my dose. Dr. Braverman said the increase is fine so I should know by tomorrow what my new dose will be. I also got a lecture on my blood sugars. I was diagnosed this fall as being insulin resistance/pre-diabetic with asymptomatic (besides the wacky blood sugars) polycystic disease. My blood sugars have been all over the place lately. My fasting blood sugars are a bit low (but I am asymtomatic with them) but my levels are spiking after I eat. My Endocrinologist said that he wants them no higher than 120 60-90 minutes after I eat. Mine have been in the upper 130s to 140s which he said is not too good if they stay consistent or continue. I also have to check my sugars six times a day (before and after every meal). He said that I am at VERY high risk for developing gestational diabetes and it looks as though that diagnosis will be coming sooner rather than later. He is keeping me on 2000-3000mg of Glucophage a day until my next appointment in four weeks. At this time we reevaluate my levels and treat accordingly. If my levels stay consistently high, I have to call him for a quicker plan of action.

I also had yet another bleeding scare tonight. I took a two hour nap around four this afternoon and when I went to the bathroom shortly after waking up, there was bloody discharge yet again. I called my nurse just for some reassurance. She said that she really isn't worried (even though I am scared shitless) as I don't have any cramping and the fact that the baby looked perfect on Tuesday. I actually have another ultrasound scheduled during my lunch tomorrow and I am a big ball of anxiety and excitement over it. I spoke with my nurse for a while tonight and we talked about my discharge a bit. Since I am seeing the Perinatologist next Thursday, they will probably "unofficially" discharge me tomorrow as typically insurances will not pay for two prenatal appointments in one week by two different providers. I do know, however, that if anything happens between tomorrow and my appointment next Thursday, that they will let me come in right away to get checked out.

Hoping everything is still perfect tomorrow!!

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  1. Wishing you lots of luck @ your appointment!!