Thursday, January 26, 2012

9 Weeks 2 Days

Today was my first appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine group. The first thing that they did was an ultrasound. The tech came in and I was delighted that it was my first ever abdominal I got to leave my pants on! After she did the initial "verification of pregnancy" (duh!!) the MFM came in, Dr. Dexter, to complete the scan. As soon as he walked in I could tell that him and I would get along. He looks like a total research nerd like I am and you could tell that he had a sense of humor. The first thing he said to me was "so, I hear you are quite the nervous patient", and he smiled at me. I told him that I tend to over-analyze measurements and numbers. He asked me "so you understand all of this?" and I told him that I did to a certain extent. He then took his time and showed me everything so I could see for myself that things looked great. I really appreciated this. According to his measurements I was only measuring two days behind my actual date which isn't bad at all. The tech was initially getting 3-4 days behind, which still, is no big deal. They commented on what a "hyperactive" baby I had as it was moving all over the place and had an incredible heart rate of 179! What originally freaked me out is while the tech was out of the room waiting for the MFM, I looked at her measurements and the estimated date of my sac was over a week behind. My heart at that point just sank. I asked the MFM about it and he told me that at this point the sac size means nothing. I have two sacs in there and they are smooshing each other so he said that measurements were not an "exact science". He again, told me everything looked great.

So next Friday I go in for my actual appointment with the doctor. The initial appointment is with a regular OB but that is the procedure as the initial intake must be completed prior to transfer of care to the MFM group. The nurse also mentioned today that we should have a date next Friday for the cerclage placement as they like to do it right around 13 weeks or so. I was so happy that she brought this up as I keep having a reoccurring dream that the regular OB doesn't agree with the diagnosis and then my baby falls out! (I hate dreams lately!) I just hope that the doctor that sees me next Friday agrees with the diagnosis and schedules the surgery. It only takes one doctor with a differing opinion to through things off!

The only other thing today was that Dr. Dexter asked me if I was willing to push out my NT Scan by one week. I was a bit concerned that they were doing it so early at 11 weeks 3 days so this actually made me happy. With measuring a couple days behind I was worried about the quality of the scan as I just want to be sure that they are getting accurate readings. The new date will put me at 12 weeks 3 days. If everything looks okay after the scan, my husband would like to tell our families that weekend. I personally do not want to tell our families and I would like to keep this to ourselves for as long as possible because once we tell his family, the entire world is going to know. He asked me how long I wanted to wait and I reminded him of the shows "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and "Secretly Pregnant" and asked him if we could wait until I was 7 or 8 months along, or even better yet, until after the birth! He looked at me and I could tell by his look that he wasn't going for that! Oh well, at least we will keep the gender a secret!!


  1. Krystyn, I was just diddling around the internet and as I typed "babies" into my address bar, your blog popped up and I clicked on it. WOW!!! What great news! I am praying for you and Baby!

  2. So great to hear Dr. Dexter took his time to explain things to you. I love doctors like that!

    While I've was a bit anxious about sharing our news, I really wanted our families to know because they have been rooting for us and I just can't bear to have them wait any longer. I've also told most of my friends already (at 10w or before), because they are the ones that I have and will share anything and everything with, good or bad. As for the rest, they can wait until at least 12 weeks or later.

    Good luck and fingers crossed!