Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Weeks!!

I have officially made it to 10 weeks, one quarter of this pregnancy is over!! This evening when I got home I immediately ran upstairs to use my doppler and the little booger's heart was beating away at 181bpm! I also love how loud the heartbeat is becoming on my doppler. It was so quiet when I first found it last week, but now there is no mistaking it!

I still cannot believe that I made it this far. I know that I have a LONG way to go but I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. I am actually happy that this part of the pregnancy is flying by. I am really not enjoying it all and that is due to the fact that I am so anxious about something happening. I do realize that we are so close to being out of the danger zone, but I am really fearing the results of my combined first trimester screening. Like I explained in my last post, the results that I will receive will be a ratio which will tell me the likelihood of my baby having a certain issue (Down's, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18). It is not a diagnosis. What they typically recommend is that anyone who has a ratio of 1:350 or worse, do CVS. I originally wanted to do CVS but the more I read, the more scared I became of it. I talked to Dr. Braverman and he said to only do it if the first trimester screening warrants it. Last night I read story after story of women going in to have the CVS done after questionable screening results, only to miscarry within the next two weeks. The real shit-kicker is that their CVS results all came back normal. Every single one of the them experienced a gush of fluid within those two weeks which ended up being the bag of waters breaking, resulting in the loss of their babies. I don't even want to risk that!!

My detailed appointment with the doctor is this Friday. I am excited but very nervous. Apparently the doctor that I am seeing is known for "patient centered care" where he believes that the doctor and patient should work as a team and every patient deserves individual attention and the highest level of care...so they tell me. He is old school, but I like that! He is going to be the doctor that dictates my care to the MFM group. I am also hoping to have everything squared away with the placement of the cerclage. They said that they typically do them around 13 weeks so I am thinking that it will be done the week after my NT scan, which is on the 16th. I am very nervous about having this done, but I would be even more scared not having it done. The procedure itself isn't so bad. They use an epidural for pain control (which terrifies me) and then you are sent home later that day as long as everything looks good. There is a small possibility that they will keep you over night. Once home, I will be on bedrest for three days at which time I will be able to return to work. I do know that there are restrictions though that last throughout the rest of the pregnancy. These include no standing for over 60 minutes, no lifting over 15 pounds, and pelvic rest...yup, that means no sex. Hey, what ever it takes!!

On a different note, my husband is being scheduled for cardiac surgery. If you remember, in November he was hospitalized due to ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation. The doctor recommended surgery but said we could take our time scheduling it. Well, my husband has been having more frequent episodes lately and the doctor told him last week that he really shouldn't wait any longer. We talked about it and decided that this was the best time as I am still early in this pregnancy and it is likely that he will be healed and up to par by the time that I need him. I am on pins and needles about this as I am not sure how this is going to play out with my cerclage placement. I figure that if worse comes to worse and I freakishly get put on bed rest and he is home after the surgery, we will hire a "helper" to come in for a while to cook meals and take care of the dogs. Given that we don't really have family to help us, this is pretty much the only option. This has actually been a touchy subject for my husband as he thinks that I am the priority and that he shouldn't schedule the surgery until after this pregnancy. I won't let him do that though. We are a great team and him and I can get through anything...no matter how tough things may get. I also keep reminding him, it's a short term situation.


  1. congratulations, krystyn!! what an awesome milestone! i'm so happy for you.
    you will remain in my prayers, as will your husband.
    lots of love <3

  2. You deserve to celebrate every "little" milestone. Wishing you and your husband the best of luck.

  3. Congratulations! Glad you could hear it so soon :)

  4. Hitting the 10 week milestone is fabulous! Best wishes for continued good luck and the best of health to you, your husband and the baby! :-)

  5. Congrats!!! I am sooo happy for you. It's a GREAT feeling isn't it? I remember making it to 10 weeks, and reading that once you do, and you hear a heartbeat, your miscarriage rate drops significantly. Like 3%. In just 2 more weeks it drops to 1%! I know what you mean about feeling weird saying you're 10 weeks. It felt CRAZY for me to say I was 8 weeks!! You're a quarter of the way there!!! ahhhh!! so happy for you!

  6. Congrats! Good luck with your appointment!