Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transfer Day

My morning started off with a wonderful 30 minute massage. For those of you who know me I absolutely hate to be touched so this was a big accomplishment for me. It was so relaxing and I would love to go again. After that was over they brought me down to the OR and prepped me for transfer. The embryologist came in and gave me a very brief rundown of things. He said that we had three absolutely perfect Day 4 morulas and one with minor fragmentation that he would recommend transferring today. He said that the remaining 19 were still growing but we do know that some of them (three I think) are of poor quality. He said that we can't take any guesses about having any to freeze at this point as it is just too early to tell. He will check tomorrow morning to see if there are any expanding blasts, and if there are he will freeze those. They will also be checked again on Monday and anything that made it to blast will also be frozen. If we end up with anything to freeze we are freezing only one per straw. I thought that they required you to do two per straw but I was so happy to hear that they don't. Imagine if I had twins (or even triplets) and then wanted more down the road and I ended up with multiples again. Yikes!

So after the embryologist left and the Ativan had time to kick in, my RE came in and we discussed what we should do. He said that he would be willing to transfer all four of the morulas but I only wanted to do three. Dr. Braverman suggested three as a bed embryo can affect a good embryo so by filling the uterus with both good and bad embryos, you can actually significantly reduce your chances of pregnancy. So here are the "babies" we transferred...
I have to say that I was also quite impressed with Dr. Braverman. When I came out of the transfer (I left my phone in the car) I had an email from him wishing me luck today. How nice is that?!?! I mean it's Saturday and this doctor in Manhattan who is in demand from women all over the world takes time out of his day just to wish me luck....impressive!!! Not only did I get this one email from him, I got several more over the course of the day. For anyone who follows my blog or finds this while searching for information on Dr. Braverman or reproductive immunology, I would recommend him to anyone. He is VERY worth the money and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So now we wait. My beta is scheduled for 9:45am on Tuesday the 20th so we have 10 days to go. I have decided that I am going to test prior as I want to know before I go in. I haven't decided exactly when I will test but I will be sure to post frequent updates and results. The trigger will be out of my system (since I only did a half dose of HCG) by Monday the latest so any positive that I get after that will be a true one. Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck! Fingers crossed that you have a nice, high first beta in 10 days!

    Oh, and that is pretty cool about Dr. Braverman e-mailing you on a Saturday!

  2. Yay - hope those little ones burrow in nice and deep...!

  3. This is great! How sweet of your RE to email you! Fingers crossed!