Friday, December 2, 2011

Monitoring Update #3

Yesterday I went in for the last of the Neupogen uterine washes. I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am that they are done. This one was actually worse than the first. Unlike the first one, the horrible cramps lasted for about an hour. To help pass the time that I had to lay there to let the Neupogen stay in before I stood up, the medical director/owner of the clinic who is usually in the main clinic 2 1/2 hours away came in and held my hand for about 5 minutes. I was very comforted by his presence. He looked at me and told me that this was going to work. The vibes that he gives off are so positive and it is just what I needed.

This morning I had my third monitoring appointment and things are still looking good. I have a good amount of follicles (we stopped counting at 16) that are measuring 14.5 to 15.5mm and one measuring at 18mm and one at 17.5mm. My E2 is already up to 2373 and my LH is at 3.78. My lining is slowly increasing and is currently at 7.74. They are bringing me in tomorrow to check things as my follicles tend to take off the last couple days of stims. My clinic is thinking that I will trigger on Sunday but Dr. Braverman is thinking Monday. He said that he would rather have a couple that are degenerated than have a bunch that are immature, so we are going with majority, not the lead follicle. Since my E2 is already high and typically doubles every 48 hours or so, my E2 is expected to be around 5000 on Sunday which means if we wait until Monday, it could be 7500+. Dr. Braverman said that if we wait until Monday to trigger he will have me use low dose HCG to trigger instead of my dose of 15,000units (2 Ovidrel) and he will also start me on a medication called Dostinex which is used to prevent OHSS, or at least make the symptoms more tolerable. If I end up developing severe OHSS my ET will be canceled and that is the last thing that I want to happen. The highest my E2 has ever been was 4414, so this cycle is going to blow that out of the water. With that cycle I was on the verge of significant OHSS. My abdomen was painfully swollen, I was nauseous as hell, and I packed on the water weight. My RE had to check me prior to transfer just to make sure that we were not putting me at risk.

As soon as my labs are posted on my patient portal tomorrow I will email them to Dr. Braverman along with my follicle measurements and he will make the determination as to whether I trigger on Sunday or Monday. I completely trust him as everything he has had me do so far has worked, even though a lot of it is not standard practice and something that my clinic wouldn't normally do. He is a wonderful (and highly intelligent) doctor and I would recommend him to anyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing so much about how this cycle is going for you and about Dr. Braverman's suggestions and advice. I'm also seeing an immunologist, and I did consider Dr. Braverman when I was deciding who to work with. I'm especially interested to hear about how he uses Neupogen, as that's not something my immunologist offers.

    I really hope this cycle goes well for you and that Dr. Braverman is able to prevent severe OHSS. It would really suck to have youre ET cancelled at this point! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!