Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 3 Report

I didn't get as much info as I normally do on Day 3 but I guess that is partly due to the fact that we have so many embryos this time. Normally I have 10 or less so giving me a detailed rundown takes no time at all. When the embryologist called the first thing he told me today was that 23, not 22, had fertilized. Today, we still had all 23 left. The majority of them are all 8 cells, some are 6 cells, and 3 are 5 cells. Ten of them have little to no fragmentation, 10 have between 11 and 24% fragmentation, and 3 had over 24%. Any embryo with less than 25% fragmentation is considered transferable and can result in a baby. So, in short, we have 20 potential babies in a petri of right now. Based on statistics, not to mention the knowledge I have gained from doing this so long, it is highly likely that not all 20 will still be there tomorrow. Embryos tend to arrest between Day 3 and Day 4, and even more between Day 4 and Day 5. I don't know what to expect but it sure has to be better than anything we have ever had before.

So the plan is to have my transfer at 9am tomorrow morning (Day 4). We were going to originally transfer 4, but Dr. Braverman said that if we have perfect Morulas tomorrow, which it looks like we will, that we should only transfer 3. If there are some so-so embryos, we can transfer 4. I am hoping that some will make it to freeze as well but we won't know that until Monday. The embryologist explained that if on Day 5 there are any compacting blasts, that they will be frozen. On Day 6 all embryos that are either an early blast, a compacting blast, or a hatching blast, will also be frozen. We have NEVER had anything to freeze so this should be interesting.

I will post an update tomorrow.

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  1. I'm a new follower. But I wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. Sending "grow" thoughts your way.