Monday, December 12, 2011

Cryo Report

Waking up this morning felt like Christmas morning as a kid. I was just so excited/nervous to get my cryopreservation report from my patient portal. I was fearing the worst as out of my previous four IVF cycles, I have never ended up with anything to freeze. I just kept telling myself that having "snowbabies" is the exception not the rule as only 25% of all IVF cycles yield frozen embryos. I was also fearful that if none made it to freeze that I would spend the next eight days worrying that the embryos we transferred were of poor quality too. Think about, if the 18 we were watching for freeze all arrested, what would be the chances that the ones in me were that much better?!?! My hand was shaking as clicked on my patient summary letter which contained my results. I quickly skimmed through it and I didn't see any zeros. I all of a sudden noticed that it said Embros Cryopreserved: 6!!! What?!?! I have six snowbabies!!! I immediately called my embryologist to get the official news from him. I learned that I had 4 expanded blasts; 4AA, 4AA, 4AB, 4BB; and 2 early blasts; 2AA and 2BB. I am so excited I could scream right now.

As I had mentioned before, Dr. Braverman and I were emailing back and forth quite a bit on Saturday after my transfer (he emailed me just to wish me luck) and I expressed my fear that I would not have anything to freeze. He said to me "I am very optimistic, this is why we wanted a lot of embryos. I rarely get problems with this protocol." Boy was he right!! I also found out the his nurse Sandra call my clinic and gave them instructions for blood work "once" I got my BFP...I love his optimism!!

After receiving this news I now have nothing to worry or obsess about for the rest of the 2WW. Even if these (God forbid) 3 perfect Day 4 morulas don't stick, I have at least 2 more cycles I can do before needing to do another fresh cycle. Wow, life is great right now!!


  1. Wow fantastic news! Good luck on your 2WW :)


  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. I am THRILLED to read about your success this cycle, Krystyn. Congratulations. I can't wait to continue following your good news.