Thursday, December 15, 2011

5dp4dt-What A Day

Since last night I have been feeling a bit "off". My husband has been sick (flu like) so I was all upset that he got me sick. I have been freezing my ass off and I am having a hard time staying awake through anything. Since I am being followed by Dr. Braverman for my immune system, I figured that since we have to repeat my immune panel by next Tuesday, that if I get sick he will be the best person to tell me what to do so it wouldn't effect the outcome of this cycle. The immune panel takes about two weeks to be completed once the bloods are shipped off to Rosalind Franklin Clinical Immunology Laboratory in Chicago, so the sooner we know I am (if I am) pregnant, the sooner I can get the paperwork setup for the labs. Since I wasn't feeling well, I decided that I would start testing today, this way I would get a nice stark white test and any hint of color from here on out would be a definite positive. When I was at Target the other night I picked up a box of Target's equivalent to the old 5 Day FRERs (First Response Early Result). So when I woke up this morning a bit before 7am, I ripped open one of these bad boys, peed on it and counted to five, and set it on the floor so I could "finish up". About 30 seconds to a minute later I looked down and this is what I saw...

It was VERY faint, but both my husband and I saw it. I started researching these Target tests, and review after review said that all they do is give out false positives. There were hundreds of pictures of positive looking tests which turned out to be "false" that looked just like my faint test. After reading those, I said that A.) It was too faint to be a true positive and B.) It is too early for me to even get a positive. At the time I tested I wasn't even truly at 5dp4dt, I still had a few hours to go. I went on with my day and that was that.

Tonight my husband and I had to run some errands so while we were out we stopped at Walmart and I bought three boxes of tests; the dreaded 6 Day FRERs, Clear Blue Digitals, and Equate Early Response (blue dye test). On our way home I started feeling ill again but chalked it up to the fact that I had just taken my Metformin and that is why my tummy was turning. When we came home we watched a few of our DVR'd shows and I curled into a little ball in my favorite chair (large chair) as I was feeling ill again. Since I had to go to the bathroom I figured that I would test again with my last Target test. Sure enough, it showed the same thing but darker. Since I peed in a cup I ripped open the Equate test (+/- kind) and dipped one of those...faint positive. Another blue test, another false positive.

At this point I had no choice but to tear into my FRERs. I have always hated these as they pick up levels as low as 6.8 so if they are still negative 4 days before AF is expected, you aren't pregnant. I watched my pee go across the test line...nothing. The control line is as dark as can be and the test line is stark f-ing white! Desperation has now kicked in so I rip open the digitals. I set it down and walk away. I count to 200 and come back. This is now what the FRER looks like (3-4minutes elapsed)

OMG, faint line. As I am standing there in disbelief, this happens:

PREGNANT!!!!!! I can't believe it. So many emotions are running through me right now. I am excited but scared shitless at the same time. I have been here before and this is very scary territory. Before I passed out, I calmed myself down and told myself that I need to take this one day at a time. With it being so early (I still can't believe I got a positive digital this early!) anything can happen but I am going to enjoy every minute of this while I can. After IVF #3 and #4 were a BFN, I am so thankful to have a positive again!!


  1. Fingers crossed for you this time!

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations, you have fought so hard for this. Fingers crossed now for a healthy pregnancy!!

  3. CONGRATS!! We can be prego buddies!!

  4. Congrats!!!!!! Great big hugs coming your way!

  5. Hoping and praying and praying and hoping that this is YOUR time :)

  6. Yay - hoping that your lines get darker. This is wonderful news, congratulations!!

  7. I got a line on a FRER at 9dpo and a blood test later that day was only 6.6! I love those tests I have never got a false negative and they do pick up early.
    Congratulations! So exciting!!