Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Even More Good News!

Before I get into today's monitoring appointment, I will start with a recap from yesterday. Before going to my clinic for my Neupogen wash, my husband and I met with my oncologist to get the results of my cancer screening (breast and ovarian). As I was sitting in the waiting room I had everything I could do not to get sick. I was pretty confident that everything was okay but at that point I couldn't help but wonder what if it's not. Finally after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the nurse came and got me and brought me back into a small conference room. Within 5 minutes my doctor appeared in the doorway and said "I got good news." At that point I could feel my eyes welling up as I was just so relieved. I had absolutely no BRAC1 or BRAC2 mutations and my risk for breast and ovarian cancer is the same as anybody else. She started going over my family history of cancer again and said that there was still some concern regarding my mom's diagnosis of endometrial cancer at the age of 31 and the fact that her uncles had colon cancer in their 50's. She would like me screened for something called Lynch Syndrome which is associated with early onset endometrial and colon cancer. She is recommending that, in addition to more testing, that I have regular colonoscopies to keep an eye on things. Since my mom is my only living primary relative with one of these cancers, the testing would not be covered by my insurance so she is recommending that my mom get tested and if she is positive for the gene, my testing will be covered. After the Holidays I plan on talking to mom to see if she would be willing to get tested for me.

After this appointment I went and had my first Neupogen uterine wash. All I can say is that it hurt like a MoFo!! My vaginal wall is so irritated from the Viagra that it is pretty much raw and having the speculum shoved in me so that the catheter could be placed sucked royal ass. The infusion itself wasn't too bad but the cramping was very similar to my HSG. I had to lay there for about 20 minutes so it didn't leak out right away and so that the nurses could watch me to make sure I didn't have any type of reaction. After this experience I am not looking forward to doing this again in the morning!

So now onto my appointment from today... I was a bit nervous about how things were going to look today. I am so used to getting bad news that I pretty much just brace myself for it. As soon as the nurse started the ultrasound I could tell that my lining was different than it has ever been. The smallest reading we got on it was a 7.7 which is up from a 6 on Monday. At time of trigger I have never been over a 7.2 so this is a new record for me. My follicles also look great! I still have "a lot" (we stopped counting at 15) and they are all between 11.5 and 14.5mm. My E2 went from 516 to 1235 and my LH nicely increased from 1.07 to 1.59. My next monitoring appointment is Friday morning so I will know what the plan is by then. Based on my previous cycles, my guess is that I will be triggering Saturday evening with ER on Monday but worst case scenario is that I will trigger Monday with ER on Wednesday. I hope that I keep getting good news like this!!


  1. thanks for the comment today:)
    Just looking back at your history...I hear ya on the 'veteran group' sucks!
    What is the Neupogen wash for? I am very familiar with the drug (oncology nurse) but not for IF....just wondering
    anglmoira at mac dot com

  2. wonderful news!! that must have been such a relief to hear! so sorry the viagra has made your vagina so sore. hang in there with that. hope tomorrow goes easier.


  3. Awesome news about the brca testing! Keep doing those self exams though! I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer at age 33 and tested brca negative. They believe I have some genetic predisposition but they just haven't discovered which gene mutation it is.

    I'm curious if you'll get the bone aches side effect of neupogen...I hope not for your sake. That sounded awful enough!

  4. Great news all around! We are all rooting for you you!

  5. Yay!!! I'm so happy that you got two doses of good news!