Monday, October 17, 2011


By 10:30 this morning I was ready to go back to bed. The day was not going my way and I had a feeling it wasn't going to get any better. Boy, was I right! In my last post I mentioned that I am seeing Dr. Braverman in Manhattan next Monday and how all of his fees are out of pocket for me. So today I found out that the lab that he uses is not "in-network" with my insurance and I have no out of network benefits. I contacted the lab directly today to explain my situation and they informed me that the have a self-pay fee for those that can't use or don't have insurance. The panel for my husband costs $1492 and the self-pay fee is $287. The panel for me is $4038 and the self pay fee is $1204. Now, the real shit-kicker is that they aren't sure if I am eligible for the self-pay fee because of the type of insurance that I have. They offer it to one type of plan but not the other. I asked how we could find out and they said that once they receive the requisition for blood work that they would call me to setup payment arrangements and at that time they would let me know. So I won't know if I will be paying $6530 or $1491 until I am ready to have the bloods drawn and since they are being drawn with my local clinic and then shipped off, I will have to decide prior. How can I decide prior if I don't know the details?!?! Even paying the self-pay fee is making me sick to my stomach. This isn't even including the medication that I am going to need as that will be out of pocket too. I have a feeling that Neupogen is going to be the way he is going to go with me, and that is one hell of an expensive drug to have to pay out of pocket for. I contacted the company that manufactures that medication today to see if they have any type of rebate or anything on Neupogen, and they offer either copay assistance or self-pay assistance. They told me that since I don't have insurance that will cover it that I would be eligible of their patient assistance program. Well, I am not. You have to be near the threshold for Medicaid and that is not the case. I explained to them that I have insurance, but it won't cover Neupogen and they basically said that I am screwed and that they can't help me in any way. The lady I was talking to even felt bad. I have no idea how we are going to pull this off. I have a large balance with my local clinic for this last IVF and now we are adding in even more debt!

I emailed Dr. Braverman today (he is on vacation though) asking him if there was another lab that we could work with. The only other immunology lab that I am aware of besides Reprosource is Rosalind Franklin in Chicago and they are in-network but I am not sure if they offer the panels that he needs as the panels are so specialized. I feel so as I know our only chances at this point of ever having a child is going this route. I wish someone could drop a winning lottery ticket in my mailbox or something. I don't want a million dollars or anything, just enough to pay for this treatment so I can become a mom.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry you are going thru this. I hope you can figure something out. This shit never gets easier!