Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today I went in for baselines. As usual my uterine lining looks like crap. It was at a 3.48 but it is really odd looking. The fundus is where all the thickness is but as you move down towards my cervix, it looks like a little tale. So to help you visualize this, imagine a sperm. My uterine fundus is the head and everything else is the tail...definitely not normal. I also have a couple of cysts but since my E2 was at 53 they are assuming that they are non-functional cysts and that they will not interfere with this cycle. Another concern is my LH and FSH. My LH is low at 0.38 and my FSH is extremely low at 0.6. Last cycle my numbers were similar but we thought that they were like this due to the meds (Ganirelix and E2V) taken before baselines. This cycle now shows us that this is not the case. These types of numbers indicate that something is messed up with my pituitary gland and/or hypothalamus. If I wasn't going to do a medicated cycle, chances are that I would not ovulate on my own this month...my numbers are just too low.

Despite all of this we are moving forward with this cycle. As I stated before, I am done with IVF so this will be an IUI cycle. I will be taking 5mg of Femara CD3-7 (starting tonight) and then I will take 150 Follisitm CD8-12 (or trigger.) In addition to these I will take 250mcg Ganirelix, baby aspirin, 10mg Prednisone, and DHEA. The only change that we are doing is in regards to my IvIg. Normally I get 30g IvIg every 30 days but we are bumping it up to 60g. Since 30g takes 3 hours to infuse, it would take 60g 6 hours. Since they don't want to torture me I will have 30g on Monday and 30g on Tuesday. Since we are not sure what we are dealing with, it has also been decided that I will need to continue with this schedule until at least the 20th week of pregnancy...if I ever get pregnant again. Why can't this be easy?!?!

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  1. Urgh indeed. I'm sorry things aren't going smoothly. But I do think there's an upside to this - you now know that you have a couple of hormonal issues that have nothing to do with IVF - perhaps that will help things along. The more information the better, right?
    Good luck!