Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Update

This morning I had my ER and there was this weird kind of calm that surrounded me. My anesthesiologist was the best so far as he didn't give me any crap about my asthma or my requests for certain medications, my nurse was cheery and upbeat, and for the first time they got my IV on the first try (I'm a VERY hard stick!) I was relaxed when I was waiting in the OR and even found myself laughing and having nice conversation. My RE came in to see if I had any questions ( I always do) and then he pointed out that he was wearing the "lucky socks" that I bought for him like 3 months ago. Talk about one awesome doc! I mean really, what doc do you know that would look at the schedule in advance just to plan what socks he is going to wear?? Love it!!

As usual I had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia and yet again I required a few extra doses of pain meds once awake. I felt as if I was passing a kidney stone! They sent me home with a Vicodin script and I have been sleeping all day. Well, we ended up getting 10 eggs which means we only had a few empty follicles this time. They will be calling me by 10am tomorrow to let me know how many fertilized. If our fertilization rate is low we will do a Day 2 transfer on Saturday. I am, however, hoping that enough make it as I would really like to do a Day 4 transfer on Monday. My fingers are crossed!


  1. Fingers crossed for a great report tomorrow! And enjoy your drug-induced sleep. ;)

  2. That's awesome. Keep us posted-wishing you all the best!