Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Ovaries Suck!!

Today is CD11. I did the Femara from CD3-7, Follisitm 150 on CD8, Follistim 200 CD9-10 and now I am being bumped up to 450. Unfortunately I am not responding to the meds, but luckily for me I am still at baseline so my cycle to not effected by this. My estrogen actually dropped between Monday and today (36 to 23) but I am at a great point to have a decent response to meds now. Also, my lining is already a 5.57 and technically today is like "CD3" because we are starting from the beginning again, so my lining is already ahead of the game. Not sure how, but my lining is thickening at every appointment and it has that lovely triple stripe...already.

Normally I would be freaking out at this point obsessing over every little number and detail...but I'm not. I actually had to figure out what cycle day this was and I can honestly say that this is the first time I haven't kept track in 2 years. I am completely detached from this cycle. I am not avoiding it or ignoring it, I'm just not letting it run my life. I am in charge of my life, not my ovaries! I will say though, that it is a bit disappointing to see that I no longer respond to the meds. When I first started this process I responded to only 75 of Follistim! For my IVF cycles I only responded to 600 units total. My nurse manager said that this is because we suck the life out of my ovaries month after month, which makes total sense. My goal was to use less meds and try and be more natural, but apparently that is not possible. Despite this setback, I am thinking that this could be a blessing in disguise. Normally on CD3 my lining is only in the 3's. Since technically we are starting from scratch and my lining is already almost a 6, this could turn out to be just what I needed. The only explanation for my losses and for my embryos not sticking, is my sucky lining. I am praying that all of this is happening for a reason...


  1. I'm sorry about the sucky ovarian response. Sometimes, incredibly long cycles caused by the ovaries not getting on board very quickly end up being more successful in the end. I am praying that is what is going to happen for you. Your patience and positive outlook is so great.

  2. Sorry for the sucky response, but hopefully different is better!
    I'm also really happy that you're taking it easy this cycle. You may prove all ignorant fertiles right by "relaxing" and it happening.
    Here's hoping you do! :-)

  3. I had a similar, slow start to my last cycle, with great results in the end! After 5 consecutive miscarriages and 2 failed PGD/CGH cycles (the latter of which yielded 20 eggs and not a single transferable embryo after CGH was done), I too embarked on a low-dose injectable cycle (I did timed intercourse) that took forever, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant with what seems to be a healthy baby! At one point, my lining also shrank and my E2 level went down, but then before I knew it, I had 3 great-sized follicles and an awesome lining, and the rest is history! On my last IVF with CGH cycle, I had had lining problems, which I attribute to the high dose of injectable meds. High doses of injectables can also contribute to poor egg and embryo quality, so I think this lower-dose, more laid back IUI cycle that you are doing is the way to go! I wish you all the best!

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