Friday, August 19, 2011

Let The Waiting Begin

Today was my Day 2 ET and I couldn't be happier with how it went. This cycle we used the Agonist/Antagonist Conversion Protocol with Estrogen Priming as my egg quality with my last cycle (as shown by CGH) was just awful. I am happy to report that it seems that this protocol has done the trick. Out of the 8 eggs that fertilized all 8 remained today. Of the 8 we had:
4-4 cell grade 4 (4 is the highest grade)
2-4 cell grade 3
1-4 cell grade 2
1-2 cell grade 4

Since we did a Day 2 transfer a 4 cell embryo is considered perfect. The grade of the embryo simply identifies it's fragmentation. A 4 indicates no fragmentation, a 3 indicates 1-10% fragmentation, a 2 indicates 11-25% fragmentation, and a 1 indicates more than 25% fragmentation. Obviously no fragmentation is best but an embryo with less than 25% fragmentation can still result in a baby. This is my first cycle ever that I had any grade 4 embryos which is incredible. It was very difficult to decide how many to transfer as this whole thing is a numbers game but my RE, my husband and I all decided what was best. We have decided not to disclose yet how many we transferred until after we know the results of this cycle.

I am quite uncomfortable to say the least. My stomach is extremely distended and very sore to the touch. It feels as if all of my internal organs are being smushed into my ribs. I am hoping that this will go away within the next few days. I have to keep an eye on my weight to make sure that I am not retaining too much fluid. I am chugging Gatorade like it is going out of style mixed with tomato juice so I am hoping that this will help.

So now we wait. My Beta is scheduled for the 31st so I have 12 days to go. I am considering taking a HPT but not until the day before my Beta. I am hoping that one of these embryos decides to get nice and cozy and stick around for the next 37 weeks or so.


  1. Good luck! I'm so happy that you're happy with how things went. :) But gatorade with tomato juice sounds yucky to me - tomato juice and I are not friends, but whatever works. I've had good luck with peppermint tea and also ginger/lemongrass tea for bloating and water retention.

  2. I'm so excited for you! It's thrilling to see this protocol make such a difference. I know it was a pain in the butt (no pun intended) compared to earlier protocols, but I am so glad that it worked out so well for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. That's a great report! Crossing all appendages for you - not just for a positive beta, but for 12 days of (relative) sanity!

  4. Great news and wishing you a good two weeks ahead!