Saturday, August 20, 2011

Counting Down the Minutes

I am now in the homestretch of bedrest...only 13 hours to go! I am bored out of my mind. There is only so much TV that you can watch until your eyes start to cross. I have spent a lot of my time looking at the pregnancy forums that I belong to, reading pregnancy magazines, and I have read a bit of my "Multiples" book as well. I am not planning on more than one embryo taking, but just in case, I like to be informed. Ultimately I would like to have one baby. A singleton pregnancy carries the least risks. No matter whether I have 1 or 20 babies we already know that I will be high risk. I have an incompetent cervix, CVID, pretty bad asthma, a benign arrhythmia, and wicked the point where I end up with blockages. My doctors have assured me that they will get me through pregnancy so I am not worried. I know that multiples are a good possibility but I cannot even start to think about that right now. The first step is for me to get pregnant...and stay pregnant.

From now until my Beta on the 31st my med routine will be:

2mg Estrace vaginally
90mg Crinone vaginally
1ml Progesterone in Oil injection (given in butt)
30mg Lovenox injection (Heparin) given in stomach
15mg Prednisone
Baby Aspirn

These are in addition to all my usual meds for my stomach and my asthma. I have the alarm on my phone set for these times so I don't forget to take anything. It seems a bit overwhelming but you get used to it.

I am looking very forward to being able to get out of bed tomorrow. I will still take it easy until Monday but I am very excited about taking a shower. Sometimes it is the little things that we miss the most!


  1. Good luck and be sure to still take it easy (but enjoy the shower!)

  2. Enjoy the shower! If you are still in need of movies - I watched "Something Borrowed" with Kate Hudson and it was pretty cute...

  3. Hi from ICLW :) Good luck...I just noticed your 13 hours are over...hope all is well.. and that your shower was everything you imagined it would be :)

  4. Good Luck, hope you get your beta goes great and the wait isn't too long.

    ICLW #60